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AT&T Homezone IPTV service featuring DISH satellite, movielink and Akimbo

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Looking at the Joost interface it will be obvious to many that this is something that you could imagine on your TV screen. In fact, the first moment I saw Joost I thought that’s exactly where the company wants to take it.

Mike Volpi, the new CEO of Joost arriving from Cisco. told The New York Times that:

Joost is a piece of software and it can reside on a variety of platforms… It could be on a television set-top box. Or potentially it could be imbedded in a TV set with an Ethernet connection, or on a mobile phone, or in some alternative device that might come out in the future. The flexibility is really high.”

Possible Set Top Box Partners

But who will this STB partner be? Joost could theoretically just go out there and strike a deal with any STB manufacturer to create a Joost IPTV box that will bring Joost to the TV set.

However, I’ll put my money on the fact that they are also waiting for a deal with a popular brand with a large consumer base.

Let's look at the options:

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AT&T LogoNew AT&T chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson, who has moved up from the company’s position as Chief Operating Officer (COO), has announced that "TV will be the next multibillion-dollar business for our company".

Like many other traditionally telco companies AT&T is moving into the triple play field and offering TV, internet and phone services together. Here is a brief run-down on what AT&T does with a focus on broadband video:

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AT&T HomezoneAT&T Homezone is a mish-mash IPTV/satellite TV service which features live TV from the DISH network, movie downloads from MovieLink and TV shows from Akimbo. The Homezone box does support DVR functionality but is not High Definition (HD) ready.

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Akimbo LogoThe Consumer Electronics Show 2007 (CES2007) has kicked off today bringing us a flood of technology announcements and new hi-tech products that will be hitting the market this year.

Among the announcements is that AT&T has teamed up with Akimbo to offer the Akimbo Video on Demand service to AT&T Homezone subscribers. While this is not the biggest news from the CES today it is worth mentioning as this news will be otherwise overshadowed by the other big announcements coming out of CES this week.

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