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4od-logo4oD has been a successful effort, with Channel 4 having offered on-demand television across a range of platforms for several years. But the name is being dumped, and the service is being given a major overhaul to better cater to its target audience. An audience made up of an inordinate percentage of 16- to 34-year-olds.

From 4oD To All 4

Channel 4 in the U.K. is dumping 4oD and relaunching its online streaming television service as All 4. Channel 4 boss David Abraham unveiled the plans during a keynote speech at the IBC entertainment technology conference in Amsterdam.

All 4 is designed to keep up with the times, and especially stay ahead of the curve in terms of delivering content how, when, and where the younger demographics demand it. Channel 4 has always had a healthy youth audience, so it makes sense Channel 4 is the broadcaster to change the status quo.

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Netflix LogoAfter a lot of lobbying to get the law changed and an equal amount of political wrangling, Netflix has finally brought social sharing features to its streaming service in the U.S. But it’s far from perfect at this early stage of the game.

No Sharing Please, We’re American

In 1988 a law was passed which prevented the release of records pertaining to “prerecorded video cassette tapes or similar audio visual material.”

This was the Video Privacy Protection Act, which came about as a result of a newspaper disclosing the rental records of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. The problem is that the while this law was good for consumers in 1988, the world has changed since then.

The emergence of streaming services alongside social networks means that people are now willingly sharing their data in order to be part of the ecosystem. Hence when Netflix launched Facebook integration in 2011, it was switched on in every country other than the U.S.

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youtube-capture-appGoogle is currently carrying out a full-on assault aimed at cementing its place on iOS and Apple devices. We’ve already witnessed the Apple Maps vs. Google Maps conflict, and the latest front in this ongoing war is Capture, a new YouTube app clearly aimed at usurping the current default camera app.

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture, which will appear simply as Capture on the homescreen of your iOS device, is designed to simplify the process of capturing, uploading, and sharing video clips recorded on mobile devices.

It’s currently only available on iOS for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Google is already working on bringing the dedicated app to Android as well. Capture gives you multiple options in one complete app, all of which benefits YouTube, and, consequently, Google.

After recording your video clip you can label it, use enhancements such as stabilization and color correction, trim the length, and even add a soundtrack. You can then upload it to YouTube and/or share it with various social networks. All without ever having used Apple’s own camera app.

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hulu-kidsHulu Kids is a new dedicated section for children where Hulu will host commercial-free programming for younger generations. This is something Netflix introduced a while back, but for Hulu it’s a case of better late than never.

The Internet Generation

Children have always been avid television viewers. They’re also very open to new experiences, so many have switched to online options such as YouTube, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer much more quickly and readily than their parents.

This means that the online television portals have a need to cater to this younger generation of viewers, or risk losing them to the competition. With the online video sector still evolving, losing young viewers now could mean losing them for the longterm.

Netflix introduced a section named ‘Just For Kids‘ that is, unsurprisingly, just for kids, some time ago, and now Hulu has finally followed suit.

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hulu-logoUp until now there has been one noticeable absence from the programming line-up offered on Hulu. But a new deal struck between Hulu and CBS means all the major networks are now on board. Just as Hulu seems to be heading into choppy waters.

Hulu Bags CBS

ABC, NBC, and Fox have been on board the Hulu ship since it set sail in 2007. These three networks are all partners in the initiative, and they’ve added other networks and channels to the line-up over the course of the five-year voyage.

CBS opted to remain behind and offer its content on its own terms on its own site. However, it has previously licensed The CW slate of programming to Hulu, as well as offer some content through Hulu Japan.

After a new deal was struck, CBS content will now be found on Hulu from January 2013. Hulu Plus subscribers will get first dibs on the programming, with a selection of shows also being rotated through the free Hulu service.

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New-YouTube-LogoYouTube Partners, the individuals or organizations who go that extra mile, are being rewarded by YouTube. Both in monetary terms and by being given actual prizes by the Google-owned video site.

YouTube Partners

It could be argued that YouTube Partners are now the lifeblood of the site. These are the channel owners who are producing original content deemed worthy of incorporating advertising against. The revenue is split between YouTube and the Partner.

YouTube Partners range from famous celebrities and musicians right through to amateurs at home creating content with their own video cameras or smartphones. What they all have in common is adding something to the site beyond another video of a cat acting stupid.

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London 2012 LogoYouTube has nabbed the rights to show the London 2012 Olympic Games live on the site. Unfortunately only in the 64 countries in which the IOC failed to secure a deal with any of the local broadcasters.

Live Streaming Olympics

With 100 days to go until the London 2012 Olympics NBC took the wraps off its new website, giving enough time for the hype to build and visitor numbers to climb, or so it hopes. All events will be streamed live on the site for U.S. cable and satellite viewers. Which is an improvement over the diabolical situation of 2008.

Now, with 50 days to go, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced a deal that will see the whole of the London 2012 Olympics stream live on the Google-owned site. But only for those in certain countries across Africa and Asia.

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