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Posted in: Site News by Chris Tew on December 15, 2009

affiliate-summit-logoChris Tew, the founder and lead blogger here at wants to roll with Shoemoney and the gang at the Affiliate Summit conference. Here’s his entry for the ShoeMoney competition…

Okay Judges, I have 3 spectacular choices for you:

If I win the competition I will do one of the following for each of you. Each judge can choose individually what they want me to do:

1. Judge Theme Tune

randy-newman-family-guyI’m an amateur piano player and I’ve got a 12lb keyboard armed with 77 keys with me. I will compose a short theme tune for you, the judge, or a theme tune for your company.

It may be sad, humorous, jazzy, classical, angry, depressing – who knows? A few days with you in Vegas and I’ll get a feel for your theme tune. It may take me a month to compose and record it for you, creativity takes time.

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Revision3 LogoKevin Rose is the man with a seemingly golden touch on any web start-up he is involved with. 

Already well known for being the brains behind Digg, and now Pownce, he also has an Internet video start-up on the go in the form of Revision3. has recently undergone some design revisions, and the new look gives usability, rather than aesthetics, the upper hand.

A Simplified Homepage

The homepage has been simplified providing an immediate focus with a large feature box that rotates through different site promotions. Each show now has it’s own section which is easily accessible from the “Shows” drop down menu along the top of every page. 

Streaming video flash players on each episode page have been bumped up to 555×337 which really draws viewers in. Each show has a plethora of different subscription formats which are only a tab away from the recent episode list. 

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The Daily Show Gets Site Dedicated To Video Clips Archive | Viacom Stupid Like A Fox?Viacom has been feuding with YouTube for almost a year now over various copyrighted clips of John Stewart that keep popping up on the video sharing site.

It even prompted the network to sue YouTube for $1 billion.

Now it is launching a site dedicated to the show, which will offer more than 13,000 clips dating back to the very beginning.

I have to be honest: I’m not sure whether Viacom’s new plan for The Daily Show is a great idea or a really dumb idea (I’m also leaving open the possibility that it’s somewhere in between those two).

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Posted in: News, Site News, Video Start-Ups by Michael Garrett on August 13, 2007

Fancast LogoFancast is a new entertainment portal from Comcast.

Currently in beta version testing, the portal aims to be “the one place where you can find what to watch, where to watch, when to watch it — plus all the video, photos and facts you crave.

Fancast beta is now open to the public and provides a comprehensive database of TV shows, movies, actors, directors, movie trailers and various other video clips. 

Think of it as web 2.0 meets IMDB meets TV Guide. In order to enjoy all features and use Fancast to its full extent, you must become a registered user and inform the site of your likes and dislikes by using a rating system and the “favorites” feature.

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Posted in: News, Site News by Chris Tew on June 1, 2007

Web TV Wire is looking for new talented writers to add to our team. If you have a passion for keeping up with the latest internet news, enjoy your gadgets and are interested in broadband video you might be just the person we’re looking for.

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Posted in: News, Site News by Chris Tew on May 20, 2007
Posted in: News, Site News by Chris Tew on April 29, 2007