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VuGuru was founded by former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, and specializes in professional TV and cinema productions that will be shown on the internet. It has close ties with Veoh.

Posted in: Internet Video Producers, News, Veoh, Video Start-Ups, VuGuru by Chris Tew on March 14, 2007

VuGuru LogoThe former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, is embarking on a new endeavor called VuGuru.

VuGuru, who’s vacant website currently consists of just a logo, will be a new independent studio that specializes in professional TV and cinema productions that will be shown online.

This is really something that the internet TV industry needs. While the internet has flourished with user generated amateur and semi-professional content, it is seriously lacking in exclusive professional TV shows and movies.

PromQueen TV

VuGuru will be creating "high-quality, story-driven content for the Internet" and the first TV series will be PromQueen TV which will feature 80 episodes aimed at the tech-savvy teen audience. Each episode will only be just 90 seconds long which fits in nicely with the short attention spans of those tech-savvy teens.

The platform is Veoh

Michael Eisner sits on the Veoh board of directors so it is no surprise that Veoh is the chosen platform for the VuGuru online episodes. That does not mean that VuGuru will be forgetting the web video giant YouTube where it will also be broadcasting its videos, but most likely at a lower quality.

VuGuru is definitely a start-up to keep an eye on.

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