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Our 15 Questions feature where Web TV Wire interviews someone about WebTV asking them 15 solid questions

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Mikkel Dissing CEO of RawFlow

I was recently able to secure some time with Mr Mikkel Dissing, CEO of RawFlow – founders of the live online video broadcasting platform Selfcast. He was kind enough to answer 15 questions about RawFlow, Selfcast and the live online broadcasting phenomenon.

Key Points to Take Away from the Interview:

  • RawFlow’s vision is to be the de-facto network for live streaming online.
  • Live broadcasting with Selfcast is as simple as downloading the application and pressing a button.
  • Many new features are planned for Selfcast, including widgets that can plug-in to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, allowing embedded live broadcasts.
  • In the future, it is likely users will be able to Selfcast directly from their mobiles devices.
  • The company will commission the production of exclusive content for Selfcast and establish partnerships with production companies and celebrities.

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Stage6 Logo

It’s Stage6 Day here on Web TV Wire and Web TV Hub (23/04/07). Learn more…

I was lucky enough to catch up with the insightful Darrius Thompson, the co-founder of DivX, to put him in the hot-seat for 15 questions on the beta launch of Stage6, the video platform and community from DivX.

5 Take home points from the interview:

  • Stage6 is more about enabling independent content producers with a professional platform for distributing video online than sharing home video clips.
  • Stage6 actually allows you to download content and play it on DivX-compatible consumer electronics.
  • HD video is all the rage over at Stage6
  • Innovative community features including “Karma” have been introduced in Stage6 beta.
  • The DivX software has been downloaded over 200 million times from the Stage6 site.
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uLinkx website

After wondering onto the uLinkx video search engine the other day I was so impressed that I poised the question whether uLinkx could be the next Google of video?

The reason I liked uLinkx so much was for two reasons:

  1. Its searches are quick and relevant
  2. You don’t have to leave the site to watch videos so it feels like a video sharing site in itself, but with more videos.

So warmed by uLinkx I decided to get in touch with the people behind it. I got hold of Saket Kumar who was happy to answer my 15 questions. Here’s what he had to say:

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uStream.tvuStream.tv is a new online video start-up that wants to capitalize on both user generated content and live video by providing a platform for broadcasting live video.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Yeh, an angel investor in uStream.tv. As always I probed him with my legendary 15 questions:

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BluOnyxI recently had my 15 questions with Bob Guenther of Agere systems about the recently announced BluOnyx Mobile Content Server. The BluOnyx is an advanced memory stick with some cool features for when you’re on the move. You can access the contents of a BluOnyx with your cell phone over WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as stream video to PMPs and cell phones. To sum up the BluOnyx allows you to:

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ChewTV LogoChewTV is a brand new internet television channel that aims to be an outlet for young aspiring video producers and even helps fund and support youth video production projects.

I recently caught up with Greg Davies who manages ChewTV on a day to day basis and gave him my 15 Questions.

Before I jump in with the interview here are some interesting facts about ChewTV:

  • ChewTV aims to create a more familiar TV environment by having its TV station change its content throughout the day, for example having kids videos in the morning.
  • All the TV content on ChewTV is produced by youngsters.
  • ChewTV helps fund and support youth based video productions.
  • Chew TV is from the UK but is open to receiving and supporting projects on a larger scale.
  • Chew TV launched in November in 2006.

And here’s the interview with Greg Davies from ChewTV.com

1. Sum up the goal of ChewTV

Chew TV’s ambitions stretch way beyond simply hosting content. We aim to create an interface between young people and the powers that be, making their opinions count, getting their voices heard, generating critical thinking and debate and helping them to be involved in making change within and beyond the media world. 

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