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Posted in: Projectors, TV Gadgets & Equipment by RobM on March 13, 2010

Torpedo projector - or perhaps a disembodied droid from Star Wars...

The Torpedo Projector can project TV, computer games, photos and movies anywhere on a wall or ceiling.

An Inexpensive Projector for Home Media

Torpedo Game and Entertainment Projector enables you to project content from computers, DVD, TV and other media. All you need for this projector is a power outlet and a large, blank wall or garage door. While the output is not high definition, for around $170 it costs much less than other higher-resolution projectors.

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Posted in: News, Projectors, TV Gadgets & Equipment by Dave Parrack on June 15, 2008

Mitsubishi HC1500 ProjectorA home projector is becoming less of a flamboyant purchase and more of a necessity in this day and age when many different forms of media are coming together in the living room.

A projector enables you to watch everything from traditional television, to Blu-ray movies and online video on a huge screen for a relatively affordable price.

A projector also enables you to watch all of the above in full high definition. The Mitsubishi HC1500 720p DLP Home Theater Projector is a perfect addition to any home.

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Posted in: News, Projectors, TV Gadgets & Equipment by Dave Parrack on June 6, 2008

Epson PowerLite 77c 2200 Lumen Multimedia ProjectorAs online video increases in popularity and starts to replace traditional television as the medium of choice, the options for viewers are going to increase also.

One of the best ways to enjoy online video at this point is via a projector.

Watching YouTube videos are fine on a small PC monitor, or laptop screen, but with services such as Hulu and the BBC iPlayer now launching and offering full episodes of programmes over the Web, a bigger screen is soon to become an essential purchase.

Best-Selling Projector

I wrote an article back in February which explained what you would need, and how to connect a home theatre projector to your computer to enable easy watching of Web video, and now here is a review of one of the best-selling systems on the market.

The Epson PowerLite 77c 2200 Lumen Multimedia Projector is a relatively cheap option, retailing on Amazon at just $693 at the moment. This would classify it as a budget option, but it will still do a great job.

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