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The Apple TV – a media extender for bringing iTunes video and music to a widescreen TV

Apple TV SetIf you believe the old adage that there is no smoke without first then the it’s a case of when rather than if Apple is going to release a television set. New rumors have emerged recently that suggest the product is certainly in the pipeline.

Previous iTV Rumors

It’s been a few years since rumors of an Apple television set began cropping up. The thinking was that Apple would try and do for the television market what it has done for the mobile and computing markets. It would certainly be an obvious next step for the company to take.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told his biographer Walter Isaacson just before his death last year that he had “finally cracked it,” the “it” being the television set and how Apple could disrupt the market. Which suggests something new, innovative, and enough to warrant a high price.

Rumors at the end of last year suggested that Apple was preparing to launch the Apple television set, possibly named iTV, at the end of 2012. That now seems unlikely, but you would have to be very cynical to believe the product doesn’t exist, even if it’s just in prototype form for the time being.

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New-Apple-TVIt looks exactly the same, it does pretty much the same things as it did before, and even under the hood little has changed. But we should still be getting excited about the new Apple TV.

Apple TV

Apple TV is a set-top box which enables anyone to stream video content to their television set. The product has been with us for some time, but in 2010 Apple rebooted it into the small, elegant black box pictured above.

In the two years since then Apple TV has enjoyed strong-yet-unspectacular sales. And it’s still regarded as nothing more than “a hobby,” as described by Steve Jobs several years ago.

However, a new version of Apple TV was unveiled today alongside the new iPad 3. And it’s…

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Apple TV SetAnother day, another set of Apple television set rumors. 2012 is either going to be the year Apple finally unveils its plans for TV hardware or that the world realizes some of these Apple rumors never actually amount to anything real.

Apple TV Set

Rumors of an Apple-built and branded television set have cropped up several times over the past few years. They ramped up considerably in light of Steve Jobs passing away, as he revealed his belief that he had “finally cracked it” prior to his death in 2011.

By December Apple execs were reported to be confident enough in the project to be actively talking to media companies. Partnerships would be needed for content, always the key component in determining whether an innovative new product flies or dies.

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New-Apple-TVSteve Jobs revealed some vague future plans for Apple before he passed away from pancreatic cancer earlier this month. Including a possible Apple television set. Which is a nice idea but something that still feels like it’ll be years away.

Apple TV

The Apple TV set-top box has never been more than a hobby for Apple, with Steve Jobs admitting as much a few years ago. However, it’s always been clear that Jobs and co. had bigger plans for the device and was merely waiting for the industry, technology, and consumers to catch up.

We now have some proof of this, with Steve Jobs’ biographer Walter Isaacson revealing Jobs’ thoughts on the future of the product. Forget a small set-top box, we’re talking about a true Apple television set here. Which would no doubt be white, have rounded edges, and be called iTV.

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New-Apple-TVIt looks as though Apple could have a minor, at least by its standards, hit on its hands with the new Apple TV. Whether the admittedly-impressive early sales figures will continue in the longterm remains to be seen, especially with Google TV on the horizon.

Apple TV Rebooted

Apple was one of the first major tech companies to realize the potential of bringing online video into the living room. Unfortunately, its first attempt at providing the hardware to make this possible didn’t really take off in a big way, eventually leading to Apple CEO Steve Jobs reclassifying Apple TV as “a hobby.”

However, after going back to the drawing board Apple saw fit to try again, and Apple TV 2.0 was born.

The new Apple TV is smaller, cheaper, and built along different lines. Gone is the hard drive, replaced by a flash memory drive designed to deliver streaming content from the cloud. So, very different, but better? And more importantly, more appealing to mainstream consumers?

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99 Cent Only Stores LogoAnother day, another big media boss comes out against Apple’s plans to revolutionize online video. And this one really doesn’t look like he’ll be backing down anytime soon. Or ever, for that matter.

Apple Revolution

Apple is ultra-keen to bring online video into the living room in a mainstream way. With Apple TV providing the hardware to make this happen, all that’s now needed is content; lots of it, and at the right price.

Apple has already done this for music in a big way, with iTunes bringing the reality of albums and tracks available to purchase in a simple way to bear. And Apple has managed to persuade the music industry and major record labels that pricing is the key.

Unfortunately, the company appears to be having a tougher time persuading the television industry and major networks and channels that this is also the case for video.

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New-Apple-TVThe new Apple TV is here, and early reviews indicate Apple has done a better job with the device this time around. But can it succeed in a way the original Apple TV failed to?

Apple TV

As with every new Apple product, the Apple TV received a lot of buzz in its early days. But the world both consumers and content owners) just didn’t seem ready for an online video set-top box to become mainstream.

Steve Jobs and co. soon wrote the whole thing off as nothing more than a hobby, while at the same time heading back to the drawing board and creating Apple TV 2.0. Which has now arrived.

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