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uLinks – the up and coming video search engine that feels like its own video sharing website

uLinkxuLinkx, currently my favorite video search engine, has told me it surpassed 2.5 million page views this month.

From the Alexa graph below you can see that it has now beginning to make ground on the other major video search engines including Blinkx, SearchForVideo, SearchVideo and PureVideo.

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uLinkx website

After wondering onto the uLinkx video search engine the other day I was so impressed that I poised the question whether uLinkx could be the next Google of video?

The reason I liked uLinkx so much was for two reasons:

  1. Its searches are quick and relevant
  2. You don’t have to leave the site to watch videos so it feels like a video sharing site in itself, but with more videos.

So warmed by uLinkx I decided to get in touch with the people behind it. I got hold of Saket Kumar who was happy to answer my 15 questions. Here’s what he had to say:

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uLinkxI’ve been continually disappointed with video search engines not finding what I want. They all seem to be highly inaccurate and poorly designed. My favorite so far has been PureVideo, but it’s been by no means perfect.

But I recently stumbled across uLinkx, a video search engine which is apparently being self funded by a small team of 3 people and receiving approximately 10,000 visitors a day.

For such a young start-up this site is doing amazingly well. The results are relevant and plentiful and the design is very clean and full of features.

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