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Posted in: Internet TV Books, Market Growth & Research by RobM on March 9, 2010

Beyond the Box: Television and the Internet

Beyond the Box: Television and the Internet explores the complex relationship between television and the internet in today’s society, and what this means for viewers today and what the blending of these two will mean into the future.

The Internet and How it Changes Television Viewing

Author Sharon Marie Ross proposes that things are radically changing in terms of television viewing across the country. From texting votes for ‘American Idol’ to online forums and sites dedicated to programs like ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, the internet is changing the very nature of television viewing and how the television industry responds to the public.

Whereas, in the past, a limited selection of programs would have a niche market of fans appealing to networks via letter-writing campaigns, the internet has now brought the interaction of the public, via the internet, into the mainstream.

The Internet & Moving Television Beyond

Ross presents an excellent overview of the online shift of the television viewing audience and how the internet has given a much more dynamic voice to fandom and participation into the nature of television programs via means of tele-participation.

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Video Blogging - A reference book for novice and advanced video bloggers

“Video Blogging” is a book that gives practical and detailed instructions about developing a video-based blog, appropriate for both beginning and experienced video bloggers.

Video Podcasting, Vlogging, Vidcasting, Vodcasting, and What it All Means…

“Video Blogging” opens with a detailed introduction that breaks down the mindset of what videoblogging is all about, and why someone would do this. Reasons are numerous: connecting with family and friends, promoting business, sharing homemade movies and shows, etc.

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Easy Guide To Web Video DVDVideo may be taking over the Internet but there are many people still unsure about Web video. Which is why this DVD could prove invaluable.

Although its hard for people who use Web video on a daily basis to believe, there are many Internet users who are completely in the dark about the power of Internet video and how to utilise it.

Learning The Ropes

While sites such as YouTube continue to grab viewers attention, the revolution that is Web video is still at quite an early stage and many Web users are still learning the ropes.

We’ve reviewed quite a few books intended to give a grounding for those people looking to move in to the world of Web video, and now we have a review of a DVD intended to do exactly the same thing.

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Mastering Internet Video Book CoverIf you can master the business of Web video, from on-demand and streaming, to compression methods and the hardware required, then it can open up a whole new world in lots of different ways.

Whether you’re an amateur hobbyist, work for a company who want an online video presence, or are a software developer, a thorough understanding of the issues involved can make a hell of a difference to your life.

Mastering Internet Video

Which is where a best-selling book on Amazon entitled Mastering Internet Video: A Guide to Streaming and On-Demand Video, comes in to play. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and provides readers with a basic guide to the intricacies involved in Internet video.

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How to Do Everything with Online Video LogoDo you ever feel like you are being left behind when it comes to the revolution that is Web video? You may not know where to begin, or need help in the production, editing or uploading of video to the Internet.

Luckily there are resources designed to help you get you started on the road to producing high-quality videos to share on sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Metacafe.

One of these resources is a book titled How To Do Everything With Online Video, part of the How To Do Everything series of books which take you through the process from beginning to end and give you a nice overview of the skills and equipment needed.

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'IPTV Crash Course' Book ReviewIPTV is growing every year, with advances in technology, and distribution systems happening often. So, knowing where to start can be a confusing and complicated business.

Thankfully, there are a number of resources available for anyone keen to learn the basics about IPTV, and the how, where and when of IP Television.

There is Web TV Wire of course, which thankfully you are reading now, but we simply cannot offer the type of crash course some people may need to get in to the business of IPTV.

There are, however, books on the subject which cover exactly that, providing readers with a good basic knowledge base to work with, and start increasing how much they know about IP Television.

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