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Posted in: Competitions, News by entertainer on October 10, 2012

Geeks and nerds are constantly feuding over relative coolness. Geeks claim that they are superior due to their normative social skills. Nerds have the uniformly high intelligence that practically guarantees them entrance into Ivy League universities. Geeks win this battle because geekdom is a self-selective universe. Anyone with a geeky hobby can be a geek. Nerds are nerds whether they like it or not; the label is applied to them by others and there is not much they can do about it.

Being called a geek is a good thing, whereas being called a nerd is an insult of the highest order. A geek’s skills and knowledge can be put to use in his career for financial gain. A nerd may have many talents, but very often a nerd’s abilities do not translate into any tangible real-world benefits. Geeks embrace their identities, sometimes proudly wearing geeky clothes as badges of honor. Nerds are identifiable by their straightforwardly awful fashion choices.

Geeks vs Nerds

Posted in: Competitions, MySpace, News, Video Editing & Production by Clayton Moulynox on July 27, 2007
MySpace Competition

MySpace has teamed with the Producers Guild of America to give amateur video makers a chance to make it big in Hollywood.

The Story Teller Challenge, like many of the current video contests going around, professes to be a way to shortcut the red-tape of Hollywood and get an audience with top studio executives – and an opportunity to make it big!

The competition is perhaps another sign that News Corp – which owns MySpace – is committed to investing in online talent. Another report suggests the company is producing a TV series exclusively for its social networking site.

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Posted in: Competitions, News, Video Editing & Production by Clayton Moulynox on July 22, 2007
crackle-logo1.jpg, the old Grouper recently re-launched by Sony as a streaming entertainment network, are currently running three contests for budding video producers who want to have a crack (excuse the pun) at the big time.

Winners of the contests are offered “career-making opportunities…that money can’t buy”, according to the triangle of fame (my name for it, not Crackle’s) which you’ll find on Crackle’s site. “Get in the game, get featured, get famous” are the steps – sounds easy!

The three contests cover different genres: Stand-up comedy, short film, and animation. Each contest also has different prizes that are more relevant and rewarding for the particular genre.

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DivX Film Festival

It’s Stage6 Day here on Web TV Wire and Web TV Hub (23/04/07). Learn more…

Keeping itself in line as a distribution platform for independent video producers, DivX is running a film festival for members of the Stage6 community. The festival is devoted to storytelling, creation and improving digital media.

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Posted in: Advertising, Competitions, Network2 TV, News, Video Start-Ups by Chris Tew on March 28, 2007

Network 2 TV ContestThe winner of the $50,000 Network2 video contest which I posted about the other week was announced last week (yeah I know its a bit late but I’ve been busy).

Entries had to make a post about how to watch internet TV, and since Network2 were running the competition they liked a mention too.

The winner is: (an advert for Network2)

Posted in: Competitions, Joost, News, Site News by Chris Tew on March 20, 2007
Joost Invitations

I’ve got two Joost invites left and Joost has emailed me today saying I need to get rid of them in 2 days or I’ll lose them as the company will now be moving to a new invite system.

I’ve already given out twenty two to WebTVWire readers in the past so if you haven’t had one yet here is your chance. Just leave a comment on this post. Preference will be given to anyone else who runs a blog\news site (especially if it’s web TV related).

Update: The two invites have been given out to the first 2 people who commented – please check more recent posts to see if I’m giving out any more

Posted in: Competitions, Making Money & Web Video, News, Video Start-Ups by Chris Tew on March 16, 2007

BrioBoxBrioBox is running a competition where you can win $50,000 by submitting your original YouTube videos to the site. The competition launched at the beginning of this month and will run to the end of the year and the winner, as well as recieving $50,000, should also have their video shown on national TV. I say should because BrioBox does not seem to have signed any TV broadcasting deals yet.

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