YouTube Showcases Independent Films | Screening Room Debut – Any Money In It?

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YouTube LogoIt was just yesterday that we talked about a new strategy coming from YouTube which involved longer form video taking the place of the shorter 10 minute limited shorter videos we are all used to.

That new side of the site has now been officially unveiled as The YouTube Screening Room, a place for independent film-makers to showcase their work, get it seen by millions, and potentially make some money in to the bargain.

High Quality Shorts

Each week will see four high quality short films featured on the site by independent film-makers from around the world. Starting with work from Norway, Sweden, Canada, the UK, and US, directors from other countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Kenya, Australia, and Ireland will also be featured.

Daniel Dubiecki, a producer of box office hit Juno told Ars Technica:

“[YouTube’s Screening Room] is a very fair and democratic way of allowing people all over the globe to watch films, rate them, and have the opportunity to speak about their feelings,”

“I love watching films in theaters, but I now find myself watching more shorts on YouTube. I’m really looking forward to seeing the community’s feedback on our film.”

YouTube Showcases Independent Films

Potential To Make Money

Potentially the most exciting prospect for film-makers featured on The Screening Room is the opportunity to make money, with not only a revenue sharing scheme, but ‘Buy now’ links on the site enabling them to sell direct to the YouTube viewership.

While this sort of venture isn’t new, with Atom Films starting out with the same values, YouTube is a big name, and any presence on the site could massively increase a film-makers notoriety.