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These articles will be relevant to webmasters and website owners that operate their own video portal, video blog, or wish to use video in some way on their website.

Networking and engineering degrees have always been a good bet when it comes to ensuring a profitable career after college, but the shift to Web television could mean they’re more valuable than ever.

An Evolving Media

The media business as a whole is changing. Music is going digital, movies are available on more and more diverse formats, and television is now being streamed online more than ever.

The Internet is allowing all of these new forms of entertainment media to really excel. But to make content delivery via the Web possible, there needs to be engineers and technicians behind the scenes pulling the strings.

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Posted in: News, Webmasters of Video by Andrew Macarthy on July 17, 2007

For many Internet users, blogging in its many forms is an extremely appealing prospect, but we imagine thousands are put off by the prospect of turning their world into a multimedia journal because of the nature of uploading data to various sources. Gelato CMS, however, hope’s to change all that with their venture into the world of tumblelogging.

Tumblelogs offer users the chance to throw up mixed media content in single posts (photos, videos, links, quotes, music etc.) with the greatest of ease. Although similar to other tumblelogs already out there such as Bazooka and Tumble, Gelato’s open source project’s one key difference is that it lets members own their own code.

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newsroom_logo.jpgMichael Pick recently wrote an in-depth review of The News Room concentrating on how you can use its news video feeds to make money on your website. Taking a closer look I found a few faults with The News Room’s payment structure.

  1. As you can see in the picture above it says that you can earn $4 CPM rate for video feeds. CPM basically means “cost per 1000 impressions”. But does it mean that 1000 impressions of the video feed box (shown below) will earn you $4 or every 1000 views of an actual video, i.e users have to play a video for it to count towards the 1000 impressions.
  2. The News Room does not allow you to track your earnings. So at no point can you actually see how much you have earned. This is very frustrating for anyone expecting to earn money from The News Room.
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Lots of MoneyHere is a new unique monetization model for your website which results in a win-win situation. It involves syndicating the latest news to your website in the form of video and other media and getting paid for it!

You are able to select news feeds from certain relevant categories and have these video news releases synidicated to your site and get paid for showing them on a CPM basis!

This is a great form of advertising that can really add value to your visitors.

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YouTube LogoThe massive stack of videos on YouTube presents an opportunity for creating blogs that spotlights the best videos from sites like YouTube and posts them on the site.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Earn from Adsense

If you haven’t already then It is the easiest and most profitable to place adverts on your website.

It is important to optimize your Adsense adverts, such as through positioning of the ads and the colors of the adsense links. You should also explore alternative income streams.

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  1. Promote VideoSubmit to social video bookmarking sites. Digg.com, Video Bomb, Flurl, StumbleVideo – all these sites have the potential to send a lot of viewers if enough people vote for your video.
  2. Email video blogs and websites to tell them about your video. Email blogs which post interesting online videos. Use Google and Delicious to find such blogs.
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Posted in: Blinkx.com, Internet Video Promotion, News, Webmasters of Video by Chris Tew on April 2, 2007

Blinkx LogoIf you run a website that hosts video, or if you have a video podcast or upload online videos then you will always want as many people to watch your video as possible.

A large potential source of traffic can be from search engines, and more specifically the emerging video search engines. But if you don’t do things right you can lock yourself out of this traffic altogether.

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