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Posted in: Apple, Apple TV, Broadband Video Companies, Internet HDTV, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment by Dave Parrack on December 31, 2011

Apple TV SetAnother day, another set of Apple television set rumors. 2012 is either going to be the year Apple finally unveils its plans for TV hardware or that the world realizes some of these Apple rumors never actually amount to anything real.

Apple TV Set

Rumors of an Apple-built and branded television set have cropped up several times over the past few years. They ramped up considerably in light of Steve Jobs passing away, as he revealed his belief that he had “finally cracked it” prior to his death in 2011.

By December Apple execs were reported to be confident enough in the project to be actively talking to media companies. Partnerships would be needed for content, always the key component in determining whether an innovative new product flies or dies.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Internet HDTV, Market Growth & Research, News, Web Video Technology by Dave Parrack on January 5, 2011

TV Set EthernetSmart TV sets sold well in 2010, with figures higher than previously estimated. And that trend looks set to continue right on up until 2015. The problem is no one has taken firm control of the interface and content, meaning the whole thing is currently a messed-up mish-mash.

Smart TV Sales

Two new reports from research firms show how popular smart television sets already are, and how sales are going to grow exponentially over the next five years.

DisplaySearch reports that a fifth of all television sets sold in 2010 were capable of connecting to the Internet and this this is helping germinate “a quiet revolution in TV viewing.”

Parks Associates, meanwhile, predicts that around 350 million Web-enabled devices, including smart TVs, Blu-ray players, and games consoles will have sold worldwide by 2015.

As people replace their television sets, they obviously gain the latest technology. But unlike 3D, which is being foisted upon us without any great demand, Web-enabled sets are actually wanted, with many people realizing how they could add another option to their TV viewing habits.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Google, Internet HDTV, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment, Web Video Technology by Dave Parrack on October 13, 2010

Sony Google TV SetSony has unveiled its new Google TV products – a range of television sets of all sizes and a Blu-ray player. But they’re not cheap and I’m not convinced consumers will accept the extra expense at this stage in time.

Maybe in time…

Google TV

After months of rumors, Google finally unveiled its effort to bring online video in to the living room in May 2010. Simply called Google TV, the product is an Android-powered platform which the search giant hopes everyone will use in years to come.

Using a simple user interface, Google TV allows users to watch the full range of video the Web has to offer. Content will delivered both via dedicated apps for specific services and the Chrome Web browser.

The first Google TV devices are now arriving, and Google has started promoting its new baby on the Web. Naturally.

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Posted in: Apple, Apple TV, Broadband Video Companies, Internet HDTV, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment, Video on Demand, Web Video Technology by Dave Parrack on August 17, 2010

Apple TVThe past week has seen intense speculation as to whether a leak regarding Apple’s plans for the underwhelming and under-performing Apple TV is real or not. Could it really be renamed iTV and priced at just $99?

Apple TV

Apple is unused to having failures on its hands these days, but that is, sadly, what the Apple TV has turned out to be. After the initial buzz in 2006/2007, the Apple TV never quite managed to take off, meaning Apple’s mission to control the living room has so far failed.

Apple has since started referring to the Apple TV as nothing more than “a hobby,” which is just a way of writing off its failure. But Apple doesn’t give up easily, and is highly likely to be about to reboot the product in order to try and find its place in the market.

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Posted in: BBC, Broadband Video Companies, Google, Internet HDTV, Internet TV Software & Tools, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment, Video on Demand, Web Video Technology by Dave Parrack on July 30, 2010

TV Set EthernetI don’t think I’ll ever buy a 3DTV, certainly not until the need to wear glasses all the time is removed. However, I’m very interested in a TV which connects to the Internet. And it seems I’m not alone.


3D has taken over Hollywood recently, with every other film released having a 3D after its name, and 3D elements added. Some films have worked well in 3D, such as Avatar, but others really haven’t made the grade. And now we’re expected to adopt 3D for the home as well.

With the world having adopted HDTV pretty conclusively by now, tech manufacturers are keen to push the next big thing. Which many companies, such as Sony and Toshiba, gambling heavily that 3D televisions will be the next big mainstream consumer trend.

But wait. It looks as though the real future lies in Internet TV.

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Posted in: Broadband Video Companies, Internet HDTV, News, TV Gadgets & Equipment, Web Video Technology by Dave Parrack on May 6, 2010

TV Set EthernetIt’s estimated that almost half of all new TV sets sold in 2013 will be capable of connecting to the Internet. Which is great. However, it’ll only actually be useful if some level of standardization is pursued rather than the numerous proprietary systems currently being introduced.

Connected To The Internet

An increasing number of consumer electronics are Internet connected these days. As well as the set-top boxes which rely on a Web connection, games consoles, TVs, Blu-ray players, and mobile devices can all be hooked up to the Internet.

Many of these devices then become capable of airing online video. Games consoles in particular are proving to be strong drivers of online video, as is Netflix with its ‘Watch Instantly’ service streaming to numerous devices and platforms.

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Posted in: Internet HDTV, Media Extenders, News, Placeshifting & Slingbox, TV Gadgets & Equipment by Chris Tew on January 8, 2010


ConnecTV is billed as the world’s first social media center for MIPS Android-based embedded platforms. Today it provides an insight into how the digital home may evolve over the next few years as more powerful internet frameworks are rolled out.

Today I got a hands-on preview of the ConnecTV platform produced by Home Jinni. At first it looks like just another GUI for a home media center like you’d see on the AppleTV, Boxee or PopBox. However, after a while you realize this media center software is incredibly powerful and packed with potential.

The platform would be used by any TVs, media centers, cell phones and set top boxes that wanted the technology. There’s also the possibility it would be released as a standalone open-source software for compatible computers reminiscent of Boxee.

Let’s take a hands-on peak…

A Media Center for the Future

Essentially it has the potential to create a set-top-box that has everything. A couple of years ago I dreamed about the DVR of the future, now ConnecTV looks like the platform that could pull it off.

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