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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on March 7, 2010
The R2-D2 Webcam - the Force is with this Webcam

The R2-D2 Web Cam offers you your own Star Wars webcam droid with a lightsaber-style Skype-compatable phone.

The Force is with this Webcam

R2-D2 Webcam is controlled by a voice-enabled phone that looks like a Star Wars lightsaber. Made to work with Skype, this is an impressive, albeit costly (around $350) and fun webcam for the die-hard Star Wars fan.

The R2-D2 webcam be used to record and playback digital movies, take snapshots or even monitor your room remotely. The camera can tilt 72 degrees up and down, move forwards and in reverse, as well as turn a full 360 degrees.

Other Features of R2-D2

A clever feature of this webcam is that there are sensors on R2’s front leg that detect the edge of a table and automatically stops it from crashing to the floor, while also giving an audible warning. Nice feature for those who bought this thing and don’t want to accidentally send it spiralling to the floor!

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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on January 23, 2010

Ipevo P2V USB Webcam

The Ipevo P2V (point to view) USB webcam from Ipevo is a USB camera that gives you a wide number of mounting options, including monitor clamp, adjustable stand and a hand-held option.

What is the Ipevo P2V?

The Ipevo P2V is a desktop/laptop 2 Megapixel USB web camera giving you a quality picture with a number of convenient mounting options. The P2V can be clipped to the top of a laptop, attached to an articulated stand, and also held in your hand like a small flashlight.

The camera gives you a continuous or single-click autofocus video option. The one-touch snapshot option with the webcam can also be revised and fixed up with the software that comes with the camera.

Additional Features of the Ipevo P2V

The Ipevo is a plug and play available for both Mac and PC and can be integrated with a number of IM applications such as Skype, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL.

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Posted in: TV Gadgets & Equipment, WebCams by Chris Tew on January 9, 2010


At just 4cm long these digital video cameras from Aee are certainly very small and designed for ‘clip & record’ functionality.

They fit a 16GB SD card and record at 640×480 pixels so don’t expect high resolution here. The Mini DVs also double as a webcam and can take still photos too.

I think these miniature video recorders would appeal to anyone wanting to have a small device they can clip on as they move around, be it on a bicycle, on your clothes, on your car, or for some other activity.

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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on December 3, 2009

Mr. Burns USB Webcam

The Mr. Burns Webcam is a webcam deisgned to resemble the villianous character Montgomery Burns from the long-running cartoon series the Simpsons.

“Smithers, release the hounds!”

Mr. Burns if the quintessential villain from the Simpsons series – old, bald, greedy, and generally scheming things involving Homer Simpson. And now Montgomery Burns has been immortalized into a glaring, evil webcam that can be either propped on a desktop or clipped to a monitor.

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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on November 18, 2009

Webcam broadcasts and missile launching - who could ask for anything more?

The USB Webcam gives your not just the ability to share audio and video online, but a cheeky way to launch foam missles at targets and friends via webcam.

Instant Messaging and Missle Launching…

Webcams serve as an excellent tool for messaging online, but maybe chat just isn’t enough these days. Perhaps the time has come to incorporate not just audio and video messaging, but the ability to blast missiles at one another!

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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on October 25, 2009

"The Force is Strong with This Webcam..."

The Star Wars Tie Fighter Webcam in an easy-to-use USB webcam with a clever Star Wars design giving you a novel way to capture your video footage.

A webcam, and Darth Vader’s personal spacecraft, all in one!

As a Star Wars fan, I just can’t refuse a webcam design like this one. The Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter features a 300,000 dot resolution WebCam, includes a built-in microphone, and when you plug it in to your computer’s USB port, two red LEDs located in the front will light up (the lights are where the lasers would shoot from Vader’s ship.)

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Posted in: WebCams by RobM on October 23, 2009

Creative Labs Live! Cam Video IM VGA Webcam

Creative Labs Live! camera offers you a webcam with sharp video quality, high-speed connectivity and a reasonable price.

Features and Options of the Creative Labs Live Webcam

The Creative Labs Live! webcam gives you a high quality 640 x 480 VGA sensor, delivered at 30 frames per second. With Live! View Auto Tuning technology, the camera will give you sharp images with accurate white balance, as well as better light exposure than other webcams.

Software Features Included with Camera

Creative Advanced Video FX software also allows you to add additional effects to your video broadcasts, including backgrounds and special effects.  I like the fact that included with the camera is the Live! Cam Suite that allows you to edit, change, and organize the footage that you take.

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