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Slingbox Solo - Watch your TV from virtually anywhere

The Slingbox SOLO connects to your home-theater devices and allows you to watch your standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) TV programs on your computer or mobile phone over the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world.

Starting up the Slingbox Solo

The Slingbox Solo allows you to watch your favorite shows in SD quality over the internet via your desktop, laptop, Mac, or mobile phone from virtually any location.

Getting started only requires a Windows PC or Mac, a high-speed internet connection and a home network router.

Setup & Running the Slingbox Solo

The Slingbox SOLO comes with the unit, an AC adapter (100-240V 50-60Hz), Ethernet cable, Quick Start Guide, Composite AV cable and a remote control IR cable.

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DISH has been showing off the ViP 922 DVR at this year’s CES which integrates Slingmedia’s Slingbox technology and on-demand video.

The DVR is internet enabled and will include the TV Everywhere experience allowing you to watch a variety of HD cable TV shows and movies, on-demand, using your internet connection.

In addition this set-top-box also has Slingmedia technology allowing you to access live TV and recordings from your home. Like with a Slingbox you can access the video content over your home network, or any computer or sling-compatible device connected to the internet.

By integrating Sling Media’s Slingbox technology into our industry-leading HD DVR, DISH Network is providing even more ways for our subscribers to view their TV programming – through their television sets, their desktops at home, their laptops on the road, and their smartphones including Blackberrys, iPhones and more,” says DISH Network Chairman, CEO and President Charlie Ergen.

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What should have been a fine moment for iPhone owners everywhere turned into a moment of frustration, anger and despair. The reason? SlingPlayer Mobile finally comes to the iPhone – unfortunately, AT&T decided to cripple the app by making it Wi-Fi-only. So you can forget your 3G.

SlingPlayer On iPhone

A lot of people have been waiting a long time for the SlingPlayer Mobile app to come to the iPhone. It’s been available for BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Smartphone and Pocket PC, and Palm OS amongst others for some time but due to Apple’s vice-like grip over what makes it onto the iTunes App Store, the wait has been long and painful.

At the end of March, Sling Media announced that it had submitted SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone to the iTunes App Store. It made it on there on Wednesday (May 13) but was lumbered with a disability which makes it an altogether less attractive option.

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Mobile TV viewing is growing in popularity by the day, and SlingPlayer Mobile is a big part of that. Already available on many smartphones, SlingPlayer Mobile is now officially on its way to the iPhone, if, of course, Apple gives it the all-clear.


For those unaware of Sling Media, the Slingbox, or SlingPlayer Mobile, a quick explanation. The Slingbox is a device which once hooked up to your other equipment and your Broadband router allows you to watch TV anywhere in the world on your computer.

Not only this, but you can also control your TV, cable box, DVR, or whatever from afar. It’s an essential piece of equipment for those people who spend long stretches of time away from home but don’t want to get back to their house with a plethora of television content to catch up on.

Smartphone Mobile App

The Slingbox seems made for interaction with the new breed of smartphones. Combining the two pieces of technology would be a dream for people who want to be able to watch television on the move. Sling Media agrees, and has spent the last few months developing and releasing SlingPlayer Mobile for as many platforms as possible.

Continue Reading…, the online video portal from the makers of the Slingbox, is now open to the public, putting it in direct competition with the likes of Hulu and Joost. Unfortunately, like so many other sites, it’s only open to U.S. citizens.


SlingMedia is the company responsible for the popular Slingbox device which allows you to broadcast a TV signal around your house via the Internet. It’s also recently launched the SlingCatcher, a set-top box to compete with the likes of AppleTV and Roku.

Not content with managing market battles on two fronts, SlingMedia has recently opened its video portal up to the public, allowing users to stream movies and TV programs for free in Flash video format.

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Sling Media has finally launched its SlingCatcher set-top box. The question now is do we actually need another device of this type when Apple, Roku, LG, and Vudu already provide a range of alternatives?


Sling Media has long been a player in the world of Internet TV, but until now, that has been only via the Slingbox, a placeshifting device that allows you to stream cable TV to a PC or mobile device.

The Slingbox, originally introduced in 2005, was a simple yet brilliant product allowing you to broadcast your traditional television signal around your house via the Internet. Any Internet-enabled device could receive the signal, allowing you to watch TV on a number of devices.


With TVs not generally being Internet-enabled, the big-screen television in your bedroom or whatever wasn’t part of the deal. Until now.

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Streaming Video To Your 3G iPhoneSteve Jobs spent his day unveiling the new iPhone 2, or 3G iPhone to a packed audience at the WWDC. And over the weekend, Sling Media announced plans for a Sling Player on the iPhone – Coincidence?

The timing is surely not coincidental, but unfortunately the new SlingPlayer Mobile that was announced and demonstrated for the iPhone is only pre-alpha proof-of-concept software.

Not Available Yet

Until Apple officially accepts the company in to the developer program then that is how this piece of software will remain, in limbo, and not available to anyone but the geeks over at Engadget.

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