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The Incredible Growth Of Mobile TVMobile TV is one of the fastest growing sectors in the new range of television services emerging, with Asia, Europe and the US all showing signs of a desire to watch TV on the move using mobile devices.

Yesterday, The New York Times published a piece about the phenomenon, how the services, and take up amongst consumers, vary around the world, and how the fight is still on to be the single standard of choice for mobile video.

Asia Leading The Way

At the moment, Japan is the world’s leader in direct mobile television, with over 20 million mobile phones thought to be equipped with television receivers, and capable of receiving signals.

South Korea is not too far behind, with 8.2 million mobile phones in use with the ability. Worldwide, the number of people who view mobile TV is estimated to be about 29.7 million, although this is expected to double by the end of 2008.

Asia may be leading the way, but Europe and America are gradually catching up.

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ps3dvr.jpgLast week during Sony’s press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony’s President and Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, David Reeves, dropped some giant TV shaped bombs on a largely unsuspecting crowd.

PlayTV – PS3 with Digital TV in Europe

The first was PlayTV for the PS3. Essentially via a slightly ugly but easy to tuck away box that you use to link your PS3 to your signal receiver/cable etc, the PS3 will be able to display live TV from any of the hundreds of free digital channels available throughout Europe.

Not only that, but the service will come complete with its own interface which although slightly grey and austere, looks very intuitive and not altogether different from that of Sky+.

PlayTV also includes seven day scheduling so that you can check what is coming over the next while as well as support for HDTV as and when HD signals begin broadcasting on the continent.

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Buzzwire Inc. today announced a beta preview of its streaming mobile media service, which lets users create their own customised program line-up and access it on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

Buzzwire.com includes audio and video feeds to cater for almost anybody bringing personalized content to suit every individual taste. Should they choose, users can organize, save and share their selections within minutes.

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British Telecom has announced that it is to trash its white label mobile television service after sole partner, Virgin Mobile, said it would cease to carry the service.

BT Movio launched less than a year ago in September 2006, but despite positive feedback from customers, BT admitted uptake had been lower than expected due to a lack of compatible phones on the market.

Just one handset, HTC’s so-called ‘Lobster Phone’, was available to Virgin subscribers wanting in on the venture.

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Wireless technology for IPTV delivery

According to a recent report by ABI Research, IPTV over wireless broadband is an attractive offering for consumers and carriers – but there are many challenges to overcome to ensure it can be delivered effectively.

Whilst IPTV can currently be delivered to homes over wired connections, its bandwidth hungry nature means carriers are constantly scrambling to upgrade infrastructure. Adding to this cost, they have to connect homes (generally via coax cable) to the main cable running down the street.

This is where wireless is clearly advantageous: It’s more cost effective in reaching more consumers and there are no cabling issues to speak of. However, according to the research paper, conventional wireless technology simply wouldn’t cut it when it comes to high quality streaming media.

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