The back-end technology that broadcasts IPTV and broadband video. These articles discuss the technology and workings behind the platforms that bring us television over the internet including both hardware and software.

Web Video Technology

High Quality BBC iPlayer On Way | H.264 & AAC+ Streams To Annoy ISPs Even More?

Will the switch to higher quality video streams on the BBC iPlayer cause ISPs to bitch and moan, or take action?...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Cablevision Remote DVRs | Federal Court Rules Off-Site TiVos Don’t Infringe Copyright

Does the use of off-site DVRs, which work like a TiVo, infringe the copyrights of content providers such as American TV...
Sherwin Siy
4 min read

RipCode Real-Time Stream Transcoding | Solution For Live Mobile Video Streaming

Mobile video is growing ever more popular, particularly with the emergence of smartphones such as the Apple iPhone. But Delivering content...
Brendon Mills
1 min read

YouTube Adds Geosearch – Find Video Tagged From Any Location | Google Search Expertise

Now that YouTube is owned by search expert Google, you’d think it would be easier than it is to find the...
Dave Parrack
46 sec read

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 Review | Video Editing Software Worth A Look

Video editing software is now more important, and more of an essential purchase than ever. If you want to get anywhere...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Corel Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus Review | Software For Capturing & Producing Video

We spend our time here at WebTVWire talking about online video, with high-profile companies such as Apple, Fox and Hulu getting...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Microsoft Mediaroom New Features Coming Soon | Xbox 360 Support, New Applications

Microsoft’s Mediaroom is currently the company’s IPTV solution which is used by AT&T U-Verse in the States and BT Vision in...
Dave Parrack
51 sec read

VideoConversionExperts Review | Keeping Video Memories From Dying With New Formats

Over the last 30 years, capturing memories on film has gone from being a rarity to something that everyone does on...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Origin Digital to Deliver On-Demand Video to Second Life

Original Digital Inc announced that it would be supplying on-demand video, audio and user generated content capabilities to the virtual world...
49 sec read

Blogger Adds Video Upload Feature | Google Give Video Podcasters A Boost

Google have added the ability to upload videos to Blogger, their free blogging service. The additional feature to the service was...
Michael Garrett
1 min read

WiTV | Sneak Preview With Screenshots – Better than Joost?

2 Months ago I first heard about WiTV – A new Joost contender that offered a couple of cool features including...
Chris Tew
1 min read

Does Joost Need A Bandwidth Boost? | Bit Rate Worse Than Both DivX and iTunes

Joost users have expressed concerns over the video quality and bandwidth requirements of the free P2P online television application. To investigate...
Michael Garrett
1 min read

Online Television Channel Formats | What’s The Reality Of Running Your Own Live News Channel?

These days, the technology is there for anyone and everyone to run their own live video channel. Using a variety of...
Robin Good
9 min read

Microsoft’s Silverlight Almost Ready | Is This The Flash-Killer?

The release candidate (RC) of the long awaited Microsoft Silverlight multimedia authoring, encoding and user platform, a direct competitor to the...
Hal Licino
25 sec read

Livestation by Skinkers | Live TV on Your Computer

Livestation, being currently developed by a company called Skinkers, is the latest entry to stream live TV over the internet. Consider...
Kevin Groppe
32 sec read

Mogulus | Max Haot Interview – The CEO of the Newest Internet TV Live Broadcast Platform

The future is here! The contenders in the Internet based personal television service providers are growing daily, and Mogulus is the...
Robin Good
13 min read

Operator 11 | Your Own Free Live Internet Television Network

Operator 11 is a new social networking Internet Television service, combining streaming live video and audio casts. I recently participated in...
Russell Heimlich
1 min read

Chime TV | Making A TV Channel Experience from Video Clips

Aggregating video clips from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe to create “TV Channels” seems to be all the rage this year....
Chris Tew
33 sec read

BabelGum | Internet TV Start-Up to Contend With Joost

When YouTube started blazing onto everyone’s PCs bringing a new world of amateur content and entertaining clips we began to see...
Michael Pick
6 min read

Clip+Sling | NHL and SlingMedia Want You to Share Video Clips Online

Last week Major League Baseball was in the news complaining about the Slingbox from SlingMedia. This week the National Hockey League...
Kevin Groppe
15 sec read

Web TV Tools | Create Your Own Internet TV Show

The first stage of the broadband video revolution was driven by user uploaded content mainly consisting of short clips. Now people...
Chris Tew
7 min read

Mogulus | New Personal Internet TV Platform Raises $1.2 Million

Mogulus recently launched in beta and offers people the ability to create their own personalized internet TV channel that can be...
Chris Tew
19 sec read

StreamCast Player | Most Elegant Web TV Flash Player I Have Seen

When you see Joost, a company with millions of dollars behind it, create an internet TV platform that, while looks pretty,...
Chris Tew
2 min read