Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 Review | Video Editing Software Worth A Look

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Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11Video editing software is now more important, and more of an essential purchase than ever. If you want to get anywhere in the world of online video, you need software enabling you to produce high-quality clips.

It’s all very well just shooting a 30 second video clip and uploading it to YouTube, but if you really want to make it, and possibly become the next Internet phenomenon, those clips need some work doing to them.

Just look at Fred, no I know it’s not pleasant, but love or hate him, his clips are well-produced, well-edited, and al the bad shots, and times it didn’t quite go according to plan have disappeared.

Pinnacle Studio Feature Set

One of the best-selling pieces of video editing software is Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11, which currently retails on Amazon for just over $100. That makes it quite an expensive option, but the least of feature maybe warrants the price.

With this software, you will instantly be able to:-

  • Achieve sophisticated effects and transitions featuring light rays, colour matching, artistic film looks and much more.
  • Add drama and documentary-style motion to high resolution stills with StageTools MovingPicture precision pans and zooms.
  • Create multi-layer effects like Picture-in-Picture, Chroma Key or A/B editing with two video tracks.
  • Automatically create background music to fit the length of your movie.
  • Select from hundreds of real-time, key-frame-able 2D and 3D effects and transitions to give your movie polish and style.

In effect, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 will allow you to take control of the quality and style of your video creations, and you’ll no longer have to just make do with what ended up recorded for posterity.

Compatible With Almost Everything

The software is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista, and is also designed to work with HD devices, and Web publishing tools. It also comes with additional video and audio tools to further make the whole process easier.

You can import your videos from most video devices including DV, HDV and AVCHD camcorders, as well as digital cameras. The software then lets you add new layers of content, from audio tracks, to special effects.

You can then share your movies on your Sony PSP, Apple iPod, or DivX player. Or alternatively, you can use the integrated Web upload feature to share your creations publicly or privately with family and friends.


Some of the customer reviews on Amazon suggests that Pinnacle’s customer service isn’t very helpful or friendly, so if you were to have any issues with the product, you may have a problem.

All in all, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 11 is an expensive, but tasty bit of kit which will ultimately appeal to those who have some experience in video editing but want to take their creations to a new level.

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