Clip+Sling | NHL and SlingMedia Want You to Share Video Clips Online

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slinglogo.gifLast week Major League Baseball was in the news complaining about the Slingbox from SlingMedia.

This week the National Hockey League (NHL) has decided to take the opposite approach and embraced the Slingbox by developing a new service that allows hockey fans to share video clips of hockey game online.

This new service, called Clip+Sling, is currently in beta and will eventually be included as part of the Slingbox’s software. Initially announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Clip+Sling is designed to help Slingbox customers share short segments of programming, live or recorded, with other Slingbox customers as well as the audience at-large.

Win Win for SlingMedia and NHL

The NHL is the only major North American sports league to actively leverage technology to promote their product by converging the internet with television.

With ratings almost non-existent for the Stanley Cup in major media markets in North America, the NHL is attempting to expand its visibility.

This is a win-win for both companies as SlingMedia gets to promote their fledgling service and the NHL, struggling for attention, offers a fan friendly service that could be popular with hockey enthusiasts.