YouTube Adds Geosearch – Find Video Tagged From Any Location | Google Search Expertise

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YouTube Logo 2Now that YouTube is owned by search expert Google, you’d think it would be easier than it is to find the video you are looking for in amongst its glut of content. But it’s currently quite a hard task.

It could be about to get easier however, at least if you want to find a video from, or about, a certain location. YouTube is now experimenting with geosearch – the ability to find videos tagged with a location name.

A Use For The Technology

The ability for video uploaders to add location tags has been present for over a year, but up until now, users haven’t really been able to do anything with that information.

According to CNET, the technology is now being trialled, with YouTube product manager Brian Glick announcing that a full release would be launched “really soon”.

YouTube Users Benefit

Both Google Earth and Google Maps already have YouTube integrated in to them. This new innovation would mean YouTube users would also benefit from the cross-fertilisation as well as users of these two services.

Video search isn’t an easy art to master, but tagging is one of the easiest ways to get good results. With Google in control, hopefully YouTube will be able to lead the way in video search technology and methods.