Chime TV | Making A TV Channel Experience from Video Clips

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Chime TV

Aggregating video clips from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe to create “TV Channels” seems to be all the rage this year. Following in the footsteps of WorldTV, Feedbeat, CozmoTV and SplashCast enters Chime TV, the latest video-clip-to-TV-Station aggregator.

While WorldTV appears to be rocking ahead from a usability standpoint for channel creators, Chime TV has excelled with its fluid viewing experience and central aggregation of its channels.

It has the Electronic Program Guide aesthetics that you get from Joost and BabelGum while remaining in your browser. It even has the folks over at VideoSift getting envious.

While it already has a selection of pre-made channel to start viewing you can also quickly create your own channel on the fly by putting a keyword in.

Like all the other on-demand internet TV platforms out there it still has the problem of showing you the same videos over and over again even if you have watched them already.