Watch TV On The Apple iPad | ABC, NBC, CBS Join Netflix – Hulu, Others Likely To Follow

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Apple iPadThe world is gearing up for the release of the Apple iPad tomorrow (April 3) and video is going to play a big part of the device, despite the lack of support for Adobe Flash.

Netflix has already announced its iPad app, with Hulu expected to do the same soon. And the networks are also getting in on the act, with ABC, NBC, and CBS offering shows up for streaming.

Video On iPad

Apple is confident that video will form a large part of what iPad users will gain from owning the device. Its decision not to support Flash was a controversial one, although hardly unexpected. But that doesn’t seem to be harming the iPad much, if at all.

In the ‘Videos‘ section of the guided tour of the iPad, Apple states:

“There’s nothing like watching video on iPad. The high-resolution display brings your favorite HD movies and TV shows to live like no device has before. When you hold it in your hands, it feels like your own personal big screen.”

Which is an unequivocal boast. But as well as iTunes and YouTube, other video sites and services are now coming on board the iPad Express.

Netflix & Hulu

Details of Netflix’ iPad app have already leaked. It means that Netflix subscribers who also own iPads will be able to stream all ‘Watch Instantly’ content to the mobile tablet device via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Hulu is widely expected to follow suit with its own iPad app in the near future. However, unlike the Netflix app, Hulu’s is likely to only be available to people willing to pay for it via a monthly subscription. Which is then expected to become the basis for a wider Hulu subscription model.


The Wall Street Journal

claims ABC will have its own free iPad app paid for by adverts. Content will be very similar to that on Lost and Grey’s Anatomy are amongst the shows that will be available to watch.

Meanwhile, CBS and NBC are thought to be working on iPad-optimized versions of their Web sites, which will utilize the new HTML5 standard rather than Adobe Flash. The New York Times reports CBS shows will be available from day one, with NBC catching up by the end of April.


It seems Apple’s insistence on trying to blacklist Flash out of existence is working. But more than that, networks and content providers seem to be embracing the iPad in unprecedented numbers. So maybe the iPad will change the world after all.

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