Flash On iPhone | Is The Apple iPhone Finally Going To Get Adobe Flash Video Support?

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While the iPhone is an exquisitely designed smartphone, it’s not without its problems, one of which is its utter inability to deal with Flash video. But that problem could soon be solved.

One iPhone Issue To Solve

The Apple iPhone is a wonderful piece of kit that does so much more than its primary function as a mobile phone for you to make calls on. One of its key features is to allow users to surf the Internet.

While its brilliant at surfing most sites, it has some trouble when it encounters sites which include Flash content due to the lack of support from Adobe for the system.

This means that virtually all sites which use Flash video are also a no go area for iPhone users, with market leader YouTube one of those heavy-hitting casualties.

Adobe Or Apple’s Fault?

Adobe cannot be wholly blamed for this situation as although it has failed to develop a Flash Player for the iPhone, the company hasn’t done so because the device is a closed system, with Apple solely deciding what can and cannot be used on the iPhone.

There has been rumours of a Flash Player coming to the iPhone since the smartphone was launched in June, 2007, but none of these have ever lead to a final product being made available.

Flash Coming To iPhone

But that could be about to change. Adobe Senior Director of Engineering, Paul Betlem, told the audience at the Flash on the Beach conference in England that his team IS working on Flash for the iPhone.

This isn’t the first time that someone from Adobe has hinted that Flash is on its way to the Apple device, but it does seem to be the strongest confirmation we’ve yet seen.

Software On Way Soon

What’s more, Betlem stated that the software could be available “in a very short time”. However, that’s all dependent on whether Apple gives its approval. Which, while obviously beneficial to the millions of iPhone owners, is not guaranteed.

The problem is that Apple is very controlling of its products, and wants to be in charge of the applications available on them. But with 99% of Web video being in the flv format, that’s not really an option in this case.

Apple Needs Flash

Microsoft has already licensed Flash Lite for its mobile devices, and so it could come down to being a necessity for Apple to bow to Adobe or risk being left behind.

Flash is an absolute must for Web video, and if Apple wants the iPhone to be at the heart of the mobile video revolution, it’s going to have to swallow its pride and allow an exterior company to muscle in on its territory.


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