Netflix iPadWhile we’ve all been wondering how long it’ll take Hulu to release an iPad app, Netflix has been busy making its own. And it’ll be available to all Netflix subscribers who decide to purchase one of the Apple tablets.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is being released this weekend, though its lack of Flash is seriously going to affect the effect this first of the new generation of tablet devices has on online video. Unless Apple’s stance manages to bring HTML5 into the mainstream, obviously.

However, Flash or not, online video is going to be an important part of the iPad, mainly by way of the iPad apps available from the App Store.

Hulu iPad App

Not long after Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad, it emerged that Hulu was planning to release an iPad app. And despite already being profitable, the Hulu iPad app is likely to be available only to paid subscribers.

But who needs a paid-for Hulu app when you can get a Netflix app completely for free?

Netflix iPad App

AppAdvice has found the Netflix iPad app prior to the release of the iPad on April 3. And AppShopper has the full listing along with a number of screenshots.

Apple has already approved the Netflix iPad app, and it will be available to download for free from Saturday. It will allow anyone with an unlimited Netflix plan ($8.99 upwards) to stream all Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’ content to their iPad.

Doing so will undoubtedly take a lot of bandwidth, which means the $15 3G plan from AT&T (which gets you just 250MB per month) may not be enough. $30 buys you unlimited downloads.


Netflix continues to innovate and get its content on as many devices as possible. It’s already on all three home games consoles, the Wii being the most recent recipient of ‘Watch Instantly’, and now it’s coming to high-end mobile devices.

Do you think Netflix is preparing for a time when digital media has superseded physical media entirely?

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