Internet Video Copyright Laws Recap

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Video Copyright Laws RecapIn light of the recent TVLinks shut-down in the UK, I thought we should take a look at the many other cases of lawsuits and shut-downs pertaining to copyright violations on video sites that we have covered here on WebTVWire.

Many sites which link to pirated and copyrighted material on the web have been threatened, and in most cases successfully stopped from the copyright violations they were involved in.

Here are a few discussions on the subject:-

Affecting Big Guns Like YouTube

There is a whole range of sites now fearing also being targeted as they do a similar thing to TVLinks. And these video copyright complications have also hit huge sites such as YouTube and MySpace:-

The upshot of all this is that linking to sites which contain copyright infringing material is illegal in the US, and it seems now the UK too. If companies as successful and as rich as YouTube can’t even fend off copyright lawsuits, what chance have the smaller, independent sites?

Your Views

As always, we welcome your comments on the subject. Do you agree with the hard line being taken by media companies and organisations protecting their copyrights, or do you think our freedoms and right to share information on the web is being infringed upon?