YouTube soon to launch copyright detection system | Claim Your Content

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YouTube LogoEric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, has stated that YouTube is almost ready to implement a copyright detection system that will filter out pirate videos as they are uploaded to the video sharing website.

The new system is being called Claim Your Content and Schmidt said that YouTube is very close to turning this on.

Many TV companies, such as Viacom, have accused YouTube of dragging its feet so it can benefit from the extra traffic it receives from copyright infringement.

It seems coincidental that this announcement comes shortly after Viacom announced its major $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube.

Eric Schmidt also had something to say about the Viacom lawsuit:

"Ah Viacom," Schmidt said. "You’re either doing business with them or being sued by them…we chose the former, but ended up the latter."

[Via CNET]