AdBrite InVideo | Helping Video Pirates Like AllSP Make Money

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We all know that there are plenty of pirate TV episodes being posted on websites like YouTube, and we all know that there are plenty of sites that like to collect these videos into a pirate TV directory – such as Peekvid and QuickSilverScreen.

I can’t really blame people for wanting to stick the finger to the greedy content owners like NBC by uploading a TV Show onto YouTube. After all buying TV Shows online is full of DRM and is often overpriced.

However, I do have a problem when pirates hide behind this cause and try to get rich off of other people’s content. That is outright stealing.

AdBrite – Helping Pirates Get Rich

AdBrite launched a service earlier this year called AdBrite InVideo which allowed people to put videos on their website and earn from them. Here is there promotional video:

AdBrite doesn’t actually host your video but actually uses a video that you have hosted elsewhere. So the idea goes something like this:

  1. Put your video on YouTube,
  2. Point AdBrite InVideo to that video on YouTube,
  3. AdBrite InVideo will present this video (hosted on YouTube) in your own custom player with adverts that you earn money from.

Now it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you could literally take any video on YouTube and use it with AdBrite InVideo.

AdBrite has given pirates the easiest way to earn money from other people’s content.

Want an Example?

Go watch a South Park episode on and you’ll see the AdBrite InVideo system being used to help them make money.

AllSP has been doing this for some months so obviously AdBrite either doesn’t have a problem with it, or is taking no steps to stop piracy after making a system that video pirates would love.

Here is an open invitation for AllSP and AdBrite to explain themselves. I dropped AdBrite an email so hopefully they will reply.