MahTV Shutdown by the MPAA

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MPAA logoMahTV, one of the many sites that list pirate TV episodes available on video sharing sites like YouTube, received a Cease & Desist letter from the MPAA.

Yes the site was told to stop linking to pirate TV shows on the net or it will face legal action. You may remember I discussed this in detail when QuickSilverScreen received a takedown notice from Fox.

Unfotunately it is Illegal

I’m no legal expert but I spent time talking to lawyers, one of which was a linking law expert in Europe, and spent 2 days reading in-depth on similar past cases.

The answer was that linking to infringing content is unfortunately illegal in the US and most of Europe, especially when the sole purpose of the site encourages piracy.

What happens next?

QuickSilverScreen gave the finger to Fox when the owner of the site gave it away for free to a person in Sweden, where the laws are more relaxed. QSS still lives on.

Unfortunately MahTV does not have the same nice ending and is temporarily closed. The owner of the site told me it will return, but not as we know it.

Peek Vid | The brave site

The most popular pirate TV directory, Peek Vid, which is operated out of Australia is being very brave letting those Cease & Desist letters pile up at its door. It’s only a matter of time when the MPAA, Fox or some other TV company decides to take it to court.