Supply Chain Sources Suggest Multiple Apple Television Sets (iTV) Will Arrive In 2012

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Apple TV SetAnother day, another set of Apple television set rumors. 2012 is either going to be the year Apple finally unveils its plans for TV hardware or that the world realizes some of these Apple rumors never actually amount to anything real.

Apple TV Set

Rumors of an Apple-built and branded television set have cropped up several times over the past few years. They ramped up considerably in light of Steve Jobs passing away, as he revealed his belief that he had “finally cracked it” prior to his death in 2011.

By December Apple execs were reported to be confident enough in the project to be actively talking to media companies. Partnerships would be needed for content, always the key component in determining whether an innovative new product flies or dies.

New Rumors

More rumors have emerged in recent weeks, this time coming via sources embedded in the supply chain. DigiTimes suggests components will be readied early in 2012 for a launch in “the second or third quarter of 2012.”

Samsung is reputed to be on board for supplying chips, with Sharp supplying the displays. In terms of size Apple is eyeing 32-inch and 37-inch versions of the iTV for the first generation.

This is being derided as rather on the small side, but Apple has stuck to a small display with the iPhone. The company is also renowned for leaving itself somewhere to go for later releases. Offering larger-sized screens would be an obvious move for the second generation.

There is still no mention of the price point being targeted but I suspect any Apple television set will follow the rest of Apple’s product line-up and include a premium. In other words consumers should consider themselves lucky if they can afford to buy an Apple product.


With no word from Apple itself the whole premise of an Apple television set must still be classified as a rumor at this stage. But surely there is no smoke without fire. Expect many more rumors before Apple actually decides to reveal all.

In the meantime the company will want us all to continue buying the Apple TV.

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