Apple TV Plans Revealed, Rumor By Rumor

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Apple LogoIt’s well known that Apple has been planning to develop a television set for some time now. Or at least it was the dream of late founder and CEO Steve Jobs to do so. But the plans are taking a long time to materialize, and dripping through to the public rumor by rumor.

Apple TV = TV Set

After Steve Jobs’ death earlier this year it was revealed he felt he had solved the conundrum of how to bring Apple’s design sensibilities to the television market. With a simple, “I finally cracked it,” Jobs spelled out a vision for a future Apple television set.

Despite his death Apple is carrying on with his vision for the future, and an Apple television set is now all but guaranteed. Not that we know what form it will take. But with an ear to the ground we can attain some strong clues.

Apple Television Plans

Apple execs are reportedly now talking to media companies about their plans. These meetings came at the behest of the media companies keen to know what Apple’s plans are before they actually come to fruition.

Very little of substance has emerged from these meetings, with “vague” the word being used to describe Apple’s revelations. With a couple of exceptions.

There is the suggestion that Apple is working on voice and motion control technologies for its television set, although this was seen as a future development rather than a launch product. That consumers would be able to stream content on the television and then move across to another iDevice. And that iDevices (such as the iPhone and iPad) could be used to control the television.

These are believable as Apple is known for trying to connect all its products together seamlessly in order to ensure brand loyalty.


Unfortunately this is all once again merely based on rumors. Apple isn’t exactly forthcoming when discussing future products. All we know is that Steve Jobs wanted to build a television and disrupt the industry as a result. And that he had figured out how to achieve this goal.

The rest will be revealed in dribs and drabs until Apple sees fit to fill the rest of us in on its plans. Until then we’ll just have to make do with Apple TV. Or perhaps you prefer Google TV instead.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

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