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LG BD300 Blu-ray PlayerThe set-top-box market is slowly but surely building. Every company seems keen on getting a device out there and in to our living rooms capable of streaming video from the Internet. And there’s now a new contender on the scene.

We already have market leader Apple TV, as well as other alternative such as VUDU. But there are many more devices entering the fray.

New Competition

May saw the release of the sub-$100 Roku box complete with Netflix streaming capabilities built in. Since then, Roku has stated its intention to increase its content partners, with YouTube and Hulu the front runners to be added in the future.

Then there is the emergence of games consoles as a viable device for video distribution. The Wii has the BBC iPlayer, the Xbox 360 is due to get Netflix, and the PS3 is getting its own video download service.

LG BD300

At the end of July, we saw the first sighting of a forthcoming Blu-ray and streaming video hybrid from LG called the LG BD300. Now the company has filled in the details.

The LG BD300 is set to be released and available in the US from October. It will retail for $399.99 but for that you’ll get full Blu-ray capabilities coupled with the ability to stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix (assuming you choose to subscribe).

HD… Sort Of

But while the machine will enable users to watch Blu-ray films in full 1080p glory, the content streamed from Netflix will only be close to DVD quality.

Netflix is looking at offering HD quality downloads in the future but for now, you’ll have to purchase Blu-ray discs to experience a true high definition future.

A Tough Time Competing

Luckily, due to the Internet connection, the new player will be equipped with BD Live, meaning its guaranteed future-proof due to constant firmware upgrades. But seeing as that is something the Playstation 3 already does, it’s not that big a deal.

It’s satisfying to have the first Blu-ray player also able to stream content on the market, but with the Roku box being available for $300 less, and the PS3 and Xbox 360 also offering real (and cheaper) alternatives, the LG BD300 will have a tough time competing.

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