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Interactive TV & Video

Mod My Life – Lifecasting With Viewers In Charge | Viable Business Model Or Not?

Mod My Life is a new startup which aims to take lifecasting to the next level, with performers being forced to...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Is Interactivity The Future Of Online TV? | Dutch Broadcaster Adds Information To Stream

The interactive elements of streaming television have yet to be fully realised. With it’s digital elements, it’s easy to incorporate something...
Wilbert Baan
1 min read

iFood.TV – An Online Video Community For Food Lovers | Social Networking For Foodies

iFood.TV is an online video community for food lovers everywhere. It offers a social network for professionals and amateurs alike to...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Livestation – Interactive Live TV On Your PC | New Joost Competitor Backed By Microsoft

LiveStation is a new IPTV service that lets you watch television online using Microsoft’s new Silverlight technology. The service, which just...
Michael Garrett
1 min read

Origin Digital to Deliver On-Demand Video to Second Life

Original Digital Inc announced that it would be supplying on-demand video, audio and user generated content capabilities to the virtual world...
49 sec read

WiTV | Sneak Preview With Screenshots – Better than Joost?

2 Months ago I first heard about WiTV – A new Joost contender that offered a couple of cool features including...
Chris Tew
1 min read

Sky And Amstrad Working On Multi-TV Set Top Box

Amstrad has been working with Sky for a while now to deliver Sky+ set top boxes so it comes as little...
Fraser MacInnes
1 min read’s New Live TV Features | Greater Live Interaction, Analysis and Fun, the website that hopes to do for live video broadcasts over the Internet what YouTube has done for the recorded...
Andrew Macarthy
1 min read

Book a Doctors Appointment Via TV or WAP | UK Pilot Scheme Goes Nationwide

After a successful pilot scheme, a service that allows patients in the United Kingdom to book an appointment with their GP...
Andrew Macarthy
1 min read

YouTube & Google Maps Integration | Add YouTube Videos to Your Google Maps

YouTube and Google have combined forces. Now, when video creators set locations for their different videos, these videos will appear on...
Chris Tew
26 sec read

VeohTV | Can It Beat Joost To Become The Number One Web TV Provider?

Video startup Veoh has recently unveiled what it calls a “Joost Killer“, its latest innovation VeohTV Beta. VeohTV has been designed...
Phil Butler
3 min read

BBTV From Blinkx | Internet TV To Rival Joost

Joost may be the biggest and best known service for providing video on demand, but the amount of challengers to its...
Dave Parrack
55 sec read

Chime TV | Making A TV Channel Experience from Video Clips

Aggregating video clips from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe to create “TV Channels” seems to be all the rage this year....
Chris Tew
33 sec read

BabelGum | Internet TV Start-Up to Contend With Joost

When YouTube started blazing onto everyone’s PCs bringing a new world of amateur content and entertaining clips we began to see...
Michael Pick
6 min read

KickApps | Combining Broadband Video, User Content & Social Networking

Over the past couple of years the internet has changed drastically on three fronts: Broadband Video content has exploded and become...
Chris Tew
7 min read

FiOS TV 2.0 Arrives

Dave Zatz has gotten word that Verizon’s FiOS TV 2.0 Interactive Media Guide is now ready and will be deployed to...
Chris Tew
24 sec read

StreamCast Player | Most Elegant Web TV Flash Player I Have Seen

When you see Joost, a company with millions of dollars behind it, create an internet TV platform that, while looks pretty,...
Chris Tew
2 min read

DailyComedy and Paltalk raise the bar with a new interactive comedy broadcast

DailyComedy and Paltalk just teamed up together to raise the bar on internet TV by announcing a new interactive comedy show....
Chris Tew
3 min read