DailyComedy and Paltalk raise the bar with a new interactive comedy broadcast

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Pole VaultDailyComedy and Paltalk just teamed up together to raise the bar on internet TV by announcing a new interactive comedy show. We all know the big thing about web television is that it is so interactive, but we rarely see it used to its full potential.

The outcome of the partnership is a new comedy show called LateNet with Ray Ellin. The show will actually take the form of a live video chat where the audience, no matter where they are, can interact with the host and special guests through the PalTalk video chat room.

The press release is published below and you can read more about it over on Web TV Hub.

Press Release

Paltalk and DailyComedy.com Introduce LateNet with Ray Ellin – The World’s First Comedy Variety Show Broadcast Via Live Interactive Video Online 

Featured Guests to include Film and Television Star Fran Drescher 

New York, NY,- April 24, 2007 – Paltalk (www.paltalk.com), the largest video chat community on the Internet and DailyComedy (www.dailycomedy.com), the leading online social networking site for comedy enthusiasts, announced today that they have teamed up to produce LateNet with Ray Ellin, the first comedy variety show broadcast via live online video.

On Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 8:00 PM EDT fans will be able to log on and interact with the live show broadcast from the New York comedy club, Comix.  Hosted by comedian Ray Ellin, the 90 minute live event will feature an opening monologue, celebrity interviews headlined by Fran Drescher, stand up comedy routines, musical guests, and video sketches. The show will be available online for free at www.paltalk.com/latenet  and www.dailycomedy.com

This event is so unique because the host, guests and studio audience will be able to see and hear the online audience and vice versa, allowing them to participate in all aspects of the show in a truly interactive way. 

LateNet with Ray Ellin is yet another fun and innovative way that Paltalk is bringing real-time live entertainment to the web.” said Joel Smernoff, COO of Paltalk.  “This is just one example of how Paltalk is leading the way in bringing online video chat together with some of the most exciting movements today including social networking, user generated and professional content. Along with top tier content providers, LateNet brings together millions of users on our platform to reinvent the way we experience live comedy entertainment and create a unique and interactive experience never before available.”

“I am thrilled to be hosting this ground-breaking event in the comedy world,” said Ray Ellin, host/creator of LateNet and founder of DailyComedy.com.  “This is a really great way to bring extremely talented artists to the forefront of a hard-to-reach audience. I love that we are able to do something that has never been done before – bringing in-studio and online audiences together for a live comedy experience.”  

Paltalk, the world’s largest Internet video community with more than 50,000 people online at anytime, offers a unique platform that combines multi-party video instant messaging with video chat communities allowing users to engage in voice, video and text chats in real-time.  It is an ideal online venue for stand up comedy, a highly interactive form of entertainment that thrives on the give-and-take between the performer and the audience. 

For more information please visit www.paltalk.com/latenet 

About Paltalk

Paltalk (www.paltalk.com), the largest online video chat community with more than four million active members participating in live voice-and video-enabled chat rooms that allow them to see, hear, and text each other in real-time, is a privately held company based in New York.  Founded in 1998, Paltalk’s patented technology allows members to create their own chat rooms around topics they decide and then videoconference with thousands of simultaneous users in the same chat room.

Chat room hosts are given a full suite of moderation tools that allow them to control the environment, deciding who talks, shows videos, and stays in the room.  The Paltalk community takes great care in keeping a safe, “clean and well lit” environment with more than 250 trained volunteer moderators.  The Paltalk Messenger is compatible with leading instant messaging (IM) services, allowing users to transfer existing buddy lists, to combine all their contacts and talk to friends who use other IM programs. Paltalk also owns and operates HearMe (www.hearme.com), a B2B Web conferencing service. Paltalk was the first company to launch video and voice combined with an on-line buddy list in one package.

About DailyComedy.com

DailyComedy.com is the first and only comedy-specific social networking website where:

  • Visitors are guaranteed fresh and topical material from A-list professional comedians in text and video on a daily basis.
  • Aspiring talent can prominently feature their work for an opportunity to get discovered.
  • Comedy enthusiasts can create their own comedy pages, post their own content and their own videos.
  • Content is tailor-made for the interactive space, including several series of “Bitcoms” (bite-size sitcoms specially made for the internet).
  • Users can interact with professional comedians.