Hulu Ramps Up Original Programming, Adding Four New Shows To Already Impressive Line-Up

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Smashed TV SetAlthough online television companies have been primarily purveyors of traditional TV content to this point, that is changing. original programming is becoming a legitimate proposition, and Hulu is leading the way.

Original Programming

The Internet is changing the way we all consumer content, be it music, movies, games, or television. The networks and cable companies aren’t too happy about this, but it’s happening with or without them.

Not only are there now a multitude of online options for those looking to cut the cord, the companies serving up these new ways of viewing are expanding their remits to include original programming.

Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are responsible for original content, from Web shorts to professional, network-quality shows. And it’s a trend that is showing no sign of slowing down or disappearing.

Hulu Adds New Shows

Hulu has announced four new original shows being added to its service. We Got Next looks at a group of friends who hang out on the basketball court; Don’t Quit Your Daydream sees struggling musicians given a second chance at fame; Flow, which marries parkour with fantasy; and The Awesomes, an animated series about less-than-stellar superheroes.

These aren’t piddling little shows put together by nobodies and starring Z-listers. Instead we have the likes of Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live, Adrian Grenier from Entourage, Danny Leiner, and David Belle all involved.

And Hulu is talking itself up, with AdAge reporting that sales chief JP Calaco telling ad executives, “We want you to think of us as a cable-TV network, or a slice of the prime time.” I’m not sure what Hulu’s network partners will make of such a pronouncement, but still.


This is far from the first foray into original programming Hulu has made, but it represents an increase in quality and commitment. It also suggests a newfound confidence that the company is here to stay and could evolve into something much bigger than the sum of its part(ner)s in years to come.