Watch Full Episodes Of ‘The Office’ and ’30 Rock’ Streaming Direct To Your iPhone For Free

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The Incredible Growth Of Mobile TVNBC hates Apple, or at least iTunes. However, that doesn’t mean it hates iPhones, iPod Touches, or people who own these devices. If you need proof, then read on.

Despite having a major bust-up last year over NBC shows on iTunes, which resulted in NBC removing all of their content from Apple’s service, Alley Insider reports that they are now offering full episodes of two of their most popular shows on the iPhone.

DRM, Price & Advert Free

What’s more, they are available for free, without adverts, and in unprotected Quicktime format. Is this the same NBC that has tried to control pricing and DRM issues?

To get these episodes, all you need to do is go to on your iPhone or iPod Touch, and click where NBC invites users to “WATCH FULL EPISODES!”

A Strange Move

This move is very strange, for a few different reasons. First of all there’s the no love lost issue between the two companies, and then there’s the fact that Hulu, which also distributes NBC content, stream in Flash, which the iPhone does not currently support.

The quality of the streams is said to be bad, and if you exit the Safari browser, then you have to restart the download all over again, and with huge files, this can be a long job.

However, it’s still amazing to see NBC shows on Apple devices, and a boon to all iPhone owners who love the two shows.

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