EnjoyMyMedia | Placeshift Your Media to Share with Friends

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enjoymymedia.gifEnjoyMyMedia today announced the release of its beta Private Netcasting™ system, which enables users to broadcast digital multimedia—photos, videos, audio, documents or any other file—over the Internet in private channels.

EnjoyMyMedia is essentially a combination of Flickr and YouTube, though you share your files directly from your computer. By placing your content in a folder specified on your computer, you can instantly create your own broadcast channel. The free version of EnjoyMyMedia has a limit of 1 GB.

While marketing the sharing aspect of the software, EnojyMyMedia also would suffice as a means of placeshifting your video, audio, and picture files.

One cool feature of EnjoyMyMedia is the ability to sequence how your media is viewed. You can create the order of videos, pictures, or music shown online. Upcoming versions of the software is expected to allow friends to ‘produce’ movies from your content as well.