The Future of Broadcast Media | Accenture’s Media Content Survey 2007 (Research Paper)

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Media  Content Survey 2007I’ve become a regular reader of the free IPTV and broadcast media research publications that the research group Accenture publish. The latest free research paper to hit the virtual internet book shelves is Accenture’s Media Content Survey 2007.

For this publication Accenture surveyed more than 100 of the most influential content executives in leading worldwide companies in the film, TV, music, radio, videogame, publishing and advertising industries.

This really gives an insight into what the powerful people within the media industry think about its future. While the survey is not centered on the broadband video/IPTV industry, the current state of the media world makes the internet central to this report.

Key Findings:

  • 62% of executives believe that “new platforms” are key to growth with 43% believing that online platforms were most important, and 17% believing that mobile platforms were most important.
  • 53% of executives surveyed indicated that “short form content” offered the largest opportunity for “new content”. This indicates a continuing movement from feature length films and lengthy TV shows to web-based TV series featuring super short episodes like net_work and PromQueenTV.
  • When asked about threats to their business 57% of executives identified “consumer-based competition” or “user-generated” content as a top three issue; and 46% of respondents viewed “piracy or IP theft” as a top three issue.
  • 68% of the media executives stated that they will be able to harness user-generated content to create revenue within one to three years. I just wonder how much of this revenue will be shared with the users who contribute. Will companies follow in the likes of the revenue sharing Revver or the ad hungry MySpace?
  • Nearly 80% of those surveyed believed that there was no bubble in the Web 2.0 space so we won’t be expecting a dot tv bubble burst.

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Credits: [Accenture IPTV Research & InsightsMedia Content Survey 2007]