2008 Summer Olympics to be Broadcast Online by NBC

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NBC SportsCoverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics will now be available on TV, online and on handheld portable devices. NBC plans to make 1,000 hours of the 24 different sports available for live streaming online.

According to Bob Wright, the executive officer for GE, this makes the 2008 Summer Olympics the “first ever broadband coverage” for NBC.

Online Olympic Broadcasts Brings More Choice

Wright reported that NBC lost viewers last Olympics because viewers complained they weren’t able to watch their favorite events when they wanted.

Using the marvelous internet NBC can allow viewers to choose what sports they want to watch which should help attract those lost frustrated viewers.

It’s great to see the olympics being streamed over the internet, although I’m sure NBC will be blocking anyone outside the U.S. from watching to conform with their licensing agreements, just as they have done with the NBC TV Shows.

Hopefully No Paid Content

There was not any talk of paid content, which is often the model that broadcasters like to go when they bring sports events online. It would be great to see this high profile event broadcast online for free, especially if it is decent quality.

The games will be broadcast online on NBCOlympics.com. The 2008 Olympics will open on 08-08-08 at 8 p.m. In China, the number ‘8’ is associated with prosperity.

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