AT&T IPTV Services such as HomeZone


AT&T Entertainment puts TV on PC | Watch Full Episodes & Movies Online

AT&T looks to be one of the first American television operators to enter the online distribution race. “AT&T Entertainment,” a streaming...
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Netflix Adds ABC To ‘Watch Instantly’ Streaming | Wi-Fi iPhone App To Follow

Netflix is a movie rental company first and foremost but it’s also developing a very strong online video streaming strategy, with...
Dave Parrack
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SlingPlayer For iPhone Finally Arrives | AT&T Cripples It With Wi-Fi-Only Option

What should have been a fine moment for iPhone owners everywhere turned into a moment of frustration, anger and despair. The...
Dave Parrack
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AT&T Introduce ISP Copyright Filtering Technology Called Vobile VideoDNA

The battle for blocking copyrighted materials from being distributed around the web could be about to get even murkier. It was...
Gigi Sohn
2 min read

AT&T Censor Live Pearl Jam Webcast | Another Reason To Fight For Net Neutrality

AT&T have stated on a number of different occasions that it won’t block, degrade or censor websites. This argument has prevented...
Art Brodsky
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AT&T U-Verse IPTV Must Apply For Cable TV License

In a statement which has chilled the blood of many U.S. IPTV operators, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has just asked...
Hal Licino
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AT&T U-verse users top 50,000 | 38,000 sign up to firm’s IPTV during Q2 of 2007

AT&T has announced that a further 38,000 new subscribers signed up to its U-verse service in the second quarter of 2007,...
Andrew Macarthy
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IPhone Disappoints | Apple’s Stock Price Falls

AT&T, the sole U.S. service provider for Apple’s first phone, said it activated 146,000 iPhone subscribers in the first two days...
Kevin Groppe
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Apple iPhone Problems | AT&T To Block YouTube? Forced iTunes Accounts!

The Apple iPhone was released last Friday and has already reportedly sold over 500,000 copies. We also heard last week that the...
Dave Parrack
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Joost on Set Top Boxes? – SlingBox? Apple TV? AT&T Homezone? TiVo? Who?

Looking at the Joost interface it will be obvious to many that this is something that you could imagine on your...
Chris Tew
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Akimbo sending VOD Box to the grave

According to Om Malik, Akimbo will now be sending their hardware line to the undertakers which will see the end to...
Chris Tew
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AT&T says TV is the next multibillion-dollar business

New AT&T chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson, who has moved up from the company’s position as Chief Operating Officer (COO), has...
Chris Tew
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MobiTV Prepares U-Verse for Cell Phones

MobiTV has announced it is working with AT&T to bring the AT&T U-Verse IPTV service to cell phone screens. MobiTV will...
Chris Tew
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No HD on AT&T Homezone

AT&T Homezone is a mish-mash IPTV/satellite TV service which features live TV from the DISH network, movie downloads from MovieLink and...
Chris Tew
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Microsoft IPTV Penetration So Far

The other day I talked about how Bill Gates was bigging up the future of TV using internet technology. Microsoft is...
Chris Tew
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Akimbo launches on AT&T Home zone | CES2007

The Consumer Electronics Show 2007 (CES2007) has kicked off today bringing us a flood of technology announcements and new hi-tech products...
Chris Tew
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