MobiTV Prepares U-Verse for Cell Phones

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MobiTVMobiTV has announced it is working with AT&T to bring the AT&T U-Verse IPTV service to cell phone screens. MobiTV will be contributing its own licensed video content and eventually be adding video from the U-Verse package.

AT&T is very keen on reaching all three screens: the TV, PC and mobile devices. AT&T already has a web TV service for the PC called AT&T Broadband TV, the IPTV packages AT&T Homezone and U-Verse and high speed internet and telephone services.

AT&T recently announced that MobiTV would power the broadband TV/PC service called AT&T Broadband TV. The service now features about 25 channels of news, sports, and entertainment content and is continuing to grow.

MobiTV recently made headlines for securing $100 million in investment. This new deal continues to strengthen the relationship between MobiTV and AT&T.