Akimbo launches on AT&T Home zone | CES2007

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Akimbo LogoThe Consumer Electronics Show 2007 (CES2007) has kicked off today bringing us a flood of technology announcements and new hi-tech products that will be hitting the market this year.

Among the announcements is that AT&T has teamed up with Akimbo to offer the Akimbo Video on Demand service to AT&T Homezone subscribers. While this is not the biggest news from the CES today it is worth mentioning as this news will be otherwise overshadowed by the other big announcements coming out of CES this week.

Just to fill you in, AT&T Homezone is a video, TV and internet entertainment service that combines AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Service, AT&T DISH Network satellite television and AT&T Home Networking services through a single set top box. The partnership between Akimbo and AT&T was announced earlier this year in April.

Akimbo will compliment the service by adding its line-up of video on demand channels which include a vast array of popular and lesser known TV shows and videos. It is even possible to get on-demand movies through Akimbo using MovieLink. Akimbo is normally only available through its own dedicated set top box or through Windows Media Center so the addition of Akimbo to AT&T is good news for a company that is having difficulty reaching the mainstream market.

Its not clear whether the monthly subscription of $9.99 is included in the AT&T Homezone subscription cost or whether Akimbo will be offered as an add-on. Either way there will be a cost involved for many of the 14,000 videos available on Akimbo although some videos are available for free.

While paying for individual subscriptions to channels and for individual videos may seem like an expensive option it does give consumers the option to pick and choose the content they wish to watch much like a video rental store.

Akimbo also caters well for specific interests, just take a look at the range of videos from the 14,000+ shows available. Think of Akimbo as more of an iTunes for TV in the living room rather than a cable type TV service, in fact Akimbo could be considered in part a competitor to the Apple iTV. Akimbo is a lot like having a huge video rental store on your TV.

The launch of Akimbo on AT&T Homezone will bring Akimbo in front of a much larger IPTV audience that could possibly enter the millions as time goes on and AT&T expands its Homezone service.

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