Akimbo sending VOD Box to the grave

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Akimbo RCA PlayerAccording to Om Malik, Akimbo will now be sending their hardware line to the undertakers which will see the end to the Akimbo RCA VOD box.

The company will now be switching its focus to licensing to the AT&T Homezone package, attracting new content partners and its new XP/Vista VOD software client.

Akimbo had previously set up a pricing model that was doomed to fail:

  • An up front charge for the Akimbo hardware,
  • A $9.99 a month Akimbo subscription fee,
  • An additional payments and subscriptions for premium content.

Now Akimbo is dropping the up front hardware charge by ditching their hardware altogether and relying on partners such as AT&T or PC software to distribute their internet VOD package.

The monthly Akimbo subscription fee is not present with the VOD software client or AT&T Homezone so now it is just simply the consumer will just see the additional payments for premium content.