Adjustables Announces Unique Broadband Video Advertising Platform

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Adjustables has announced its new advertising platform for broadband videos which it states is an entirely new form of advertising.

Adjustables claim that the uniqueness lies with the type of advert it shows. Rather than pre-roll or post-roll ads the ad-platform will overlay logos, banners, pictures, or text within videos which is similar to the video adverts which we have seen from YouTube and Metacafe.

The in-content adverts will also be able to be triggered at certain points during videos to tie the advertising in with events in the video.

“This new innovation offers advertisers the opportunity to start using the space on the screen interactively. That represents a revolution in online advertising,” says Jan van Ottele, CEO of Adjustables.

Is Adjustables Unique?

I can’t help but feel all this is not as unique as Adjustables claim it is. We have already seen picture and text overlays within videos from YouTube and Metacafe, we’ve seen clickable logo overlays made possible by a variety of streaming platforms such as the StreamCast Player, and we’ve seen in-context targeted ads from Joost.

However, what Adjustables will do is bring all these options together in one customizable platform.

But what will really make or break Adjustables is of course whether it can sign the high traffic video publishers and high paying advertisers.

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