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‘VideoBlogging’ Book Review | Reference Guide on How to Produce, Edit & Distribute Online Videos

“Video Blogging” is a book that gives practical and detailed instructions about developing a video-based blog, appropriate for both beginning and...
3 min read

Hulu, Boxee Play Cat & Mouse Game | Will This Rumble On Until Lawyers Get Involved?

Hulu and Boxee are currently embroiled in a cat and mouse game of workaround followed by a fix that is likely...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Fliggo Opens Its Doors To The Public | Start Your Own YouTube Or Video Blog For Free

There’s a trend at present to offer people the opportunity to create their own version of popular Web destinations. You can...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Seesmic WordPress Video Plugin | Following Viddler’s Lead – Offering Video Comments

Have you ever thought text is becoming a thing of the past? Videos are becoming such a normality on the Internet,...
Dave Parrack
1 min read

Monetizing Your Blog With AdSense YouTube Video Units | Video Advertising Tutorial

After months of speculation and testing, Google have finally made it official and recently announced the launch of “Video Units”. This...
Robin Good
4 min read

WordPress Video Blogging Tutorial | Revver WordPress Plugin Tool Screencasting Tutorial

WordPress has slowly but surely become the standard blogging platform on the Internet, with seemingly everyone and their mother being able...
Michael Pick
56 sec read

Boing Boing TV | The Robotic, Dull and Lame First Episode Sucked – But Will It Improve?

I’m a huge fan of Boing Boing, the gadgets and wonderful things blog, so I was as excited as anyone at...
Michael Pick
1 min read

BudTV Gets A Reprieve Until Next Year

BudTV has got a reprieve, and I must admit that on first reading about it being saved from the ashes, and...
Mathew Ingram
47 sec read Gets Canned | A Good Riddance Eulogy To The Canadian Video Streaming Site, the video streaming experiment from Alliance Atlantis launched with much fanfare in March (well, a big fancy party at least)....
Mathew Ingram
1 min read

Amanda Congdon Splits With ABC | Does Anyone Care About Ex Rocketboom Blogger?

Not so long ago, Amanda Congdon split from Rocketboom, and the news of the separation was the biggest news in the...
Mathew Ingram
1 min read

Odeo Acquires FireAnt – The Podcast & Vodcast Directory

Odeo (formerly known as Sonic Mountain) has acquired FireAnt – a podcast and Vodcast directory. TechCrunch reports the acquisition to be...
Chris Tew
46 sec read

Wallstrip Company Stocks Video Blog | An In Depth Look At The Snarky Financial Site

Wallstrip is a site which produces short online video pieces covering stocks. Born of the blogosphere, it’s a fascinating and unusual...
Jay Parkhill
4 min read

Blogger Adds Video Upload Feature | Google Give Video Podcasters A Boost

Google have added the ability to upload videos to Blogger, their free blogging service. The additional feature to the service was...
Michael Garrett
1 min read

Free Music For Video & Audio Podcasts | A Mini Guide Of Where To Find Resources

One of the hardest things to find when it comes to video or audio podcasts is free music. It’s almost the...
Livia Iacolare
3 min read

Kevin Nalts Viral Video Training | YouTube Blogger Dabbles In Mild Extortion

Some of you may know Kevin Nalts as the guy that put mayonnaise in his family’s hair and looks and sounds...
Fraser MacInnes
44 sec read

Miro – Open Source Video Aggregator | In Depth Guide To The New Democracy Player

The number of Internet video players and aggregators is increasing, each of whch is promising to bring the latest movies, TV...
Michael Pick
6 min read

YouTube Vlogging Down 19% | & Indie Sites Skyrocket

More vloggers are setting up their own video blogs on independent blogging platforms, causing an overall decrease in the percentage of...
Hal Licino
27 sec read

Miro – The New Democracy Web TV Player | Open Source Online Video

The Democracy Video Player, a free player for online videos, has been re-branded and re-launched as “Miro” by its developers, the...
Clayton Moulynox
48 sec read

Democracy Player | HD Arrives As 200 Channels Are Added

The Democracy Player, essentially an RSS video feed aggregator with a slick interface, is busy adding available channels, including a lot...
Kevin Groppe
34 sec read

The News Room Video Feeds and CPM Rates

Michael Pick recently wrote an in-depth review of The News Room concentrating on how you can use its news video feeds...
Chris Tew
1 min read

CBS Buys WallStrip | Confirmed

We got wind of an unconfirmed rumor last week that CBS was going to acquire the stock market video blog WallStrip....
Chris Tew
20 sec read

Get yourself a Joost beta invite! | Competition

Everybody but nobody wants to get their filthy hands on a beta copy of Joost, well at least anyone who can...
Chris Tew
1 min read