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Joost BetaEverybody but nobody wants to get their filthy hands on a beta copy of Joost, well at least anyone who can use a computer and likes a bit of free TV.

For those of you that don’t know, Joost is a new internet TV application from the makers of Skype and Kazaa, you can see a full review of Joost with screenshots here.

I promised you about a week ago some Joost invites. Your chance has now arrived to get a sneak peek at the P2P program that is being tipped to revolutionize the TV industry.

I’m giving away 20 Joost invites to anyone who is willing to take part in this quick competition:

The Joost invite competition:

  1. You must leave a comment to this post and state a SINGLE website that is EITHER a:
    1. Video search engine
      A video search indexes videos from multiple websites and uses textual information — and sometimes the speech within a video — to assign meta data to that video. Videos can be searched for by keyword and results can often be filtered by a variety of criteria such as length, quality etc. An example is
      Video sharing websites like YouTube or DailyMotion will not be accepted.
    2. Community driven video aggregator
      A community driven video aggregator is a website where the community submits videos to the website from all over the web. The rest of the community then votes for the videos and the best videos get more exposure. An example is
      Video sharing websites like YouTube or DailyMotion will not be accepted.
    3. Video Blog Subscriber and Player
      This is usually a piece of software that allows you to subscribe to any video blog that has an RSS feed. It will automatically download the latest video and organize it into your own video library. Then you can just watch the latest episodes from your favorite video blogs or internet TV episodes when you want to. An example is Instant Media.
      Regular RSS readers that download enclosures will not be accepted.
  2. You must state the URL of the website and whether it is a video search engine, a community driven video aggregator, or a video blog subscriber.
  3. If someone has already posted that website correctly then you won’t be entered into the competition, so the earlier you leave your comment the easier it will be!
  4. The competition will close at midnight (EST) on Sunday 4th March and I’ll select 20 winners at random and email them a Joost invite.
  5. Only one entry per person.

Click here to leave your comment and enter the competition.