WordPress Video Blogging Tutorial | Revver WordPress Plugin Tool Screencasting Tutorial

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Revver WordPress

WordPress has slowly but surely become the
standard blogging platform on the Internet, with seemingly everyone and
their mother being able to use the simple and intuitive interface.

Video bloggers haven’t been ignored either, as
Wordpress has quite a few solutions for that style of posting if you
are willing to dig around a bit.

recent foray into WP plugins
covers pretty much everything
you might need to get started. The latest instalment of the Tubetorial 7 Must Have Killer Plugins For
series covers getting this installed and what it
can do for you.

Very Cool Features

While Revver isn’t my favourite video platform they
have certainly
added some very cool features since I last checked in on them, and hats
must be duly taken off to them for being the first of the video bunch
to create their own wordpress plugin. Smart move.

The plugin basically lets you search for, upload, post, track
check in on the revenues for a video right from your WP backend,
further adding the capability for your viewers to leave video responses
right from your blog, which is a pretty awesome set of features and
goes way beyond anything else available at the time of writing

While there might be some nice plugins and hacks out there
that will do
this stuff if cobbled together, Revver have come up with the goods in a
single, nicely integrated little tool.

WordPress Video Blogging Tutorial

Originally written by Michael Pick, a professional screencaster, web video maker and blogger. Some Rights Reserved.