Kevin Nalts Viral Video Training | YouTube Blogger Dabbles In Mild Extortion

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kevin-nalts.jpgSome of you may know Kevin Nalts as the guy that put mayonnaise in his family’s hair and looks and sounds like a distant cousin to John Malkovich.

Others will probably know him better as the video viral marketing guru who has had all manner of success on YouTube with his video blogs.

As Nalts is both a Fortune 100 marketing director and something of a YouTube legend he has decided to combine his skills in the name of ridding the internet of slipshod viral marketing video blogs. And how does he intend to do this?

I’m conducting private half-day workshops for marketers on how to harness the power of online video. I’m a Product Director (by day) and have done my fair share of public speaking and have conducted countless training programs and workshops. More importantly, I think I’m one of very few career marketers that actively participate in online video on a daily basis (as a creator, blogger, and media spokesperson)..”

Unfortunately this solution clocks in at $5000 a throw. But then, it’s hard to argue with someone who achieved 13 thousand odd views for a video about spreading mayonnaise on the head of every member of his family.

[Via Nalts Workshop]