Fliggo Opens Its Doors To The Public | Start Your Own YouTube Or Video Blog For Free

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There’s a trend at present to offer people the opportunity to create their own version of popular Web destinations. You can create your own social network, fully customizable blogs, and anything else you set your heart on. And online video has now joined the throng.

Fliggo Opens Its Doors


is a new start-up that has been in private beta for a while, but is now open to the great unwashed or you and I. In a nutshell, it allows anyone to create their own video-sharing site, be it a YouTube clone, a blog, or a private place to share.

Fliggo tries to make the whole process of creating and running a video-sharing site as easy as humanly possible, and it manages to do exactly that. All of the technical side is done for you with a set of easy-to-use management tools enabling some degree of customization.

Options, Options, Options

The site you create using Fliggo can be private or public, and cater to your own personal whims. Are you a group of people which wants to share videos amongst yourself? Are you a company that wants an easy way of sharing videos with its employees? Are you an individual who wants to run a video blog but lacks the necessary resources and technical know-how? Fliggo caters to all of these needs and more besides.

Of course, there is the question of whether it’s really all that smart to create your own YouTube when the real YouTube seems to be doing quite alright. Certainly, you can simply create a WordPress blog and embed YouTube videos on it, but those videos will not only all also appear on YouTube as well as your own site, any advertising revenue obtained from them would be split with YouTube.

Free or Premium?

Fliggo offers its basic service for free. That level allows you to create a site, and upload videos which are then hosted and streamed by the company. You can choose any domain name not already taken, although it will be followed by fliggo.com. You can also change the appearance, color scheme, and theme of your new site.

If you want premium features such as the ability to serve adverts or host the site on your own domain, Fliggo charges a small fee. But this is worth it for the amount of hassle you have removed from the process of running a video-sharing site on your own.

There are currently no HD options although they are promised for the future, and the service does need tweaking around the edges. But all in all, Fliggo is a very capable and easy-to-use application.

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