Stage 6 DivX Player | A pain in the ass?

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Stage6 - Installing the Stage6 Player

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Video sharing sites like YouTube, Daily Motion and Metacafe share one thing in common which has aided their success. They use a simple flash video player that is instantly accessible by almost all internet users without any effort.

However, Stage6 has been unable to make their videos as instantly accessible because you need to install the DivX video player first in order to watch the videos. While it enables you to watch the high quality videos on the site it will put off those less tech savvy surfers.

Stage6 are aware of this issue and Darrius Thompson, the co-founder of DivX said “The plug-in aspect definitely impacts us”, but he did also point out that the DivX software has been downloaded over 200 million times from the Stage6 site alone.

That is definitely an impressive number, but I don’t think it directly translates to the number of Stage6 users as the same user may install the software multiple times, or install updates.

DivX Install Plugin

Darrius also went on to say that using alternative formats on the site to make it more accessible is “something we will be doing in the future".

Personally installing the video player does not bother me that much, but I know many who will run away scared at the thought of installing something on their PC which means DivX is losing a lot of potential viewers.


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  1. I really like the look of the website, its too bad that their player is not more user friendly. I tried installing and using it a couple times, aand it continuously crashed my browser. It seems that several others in their forums have had the same issues. I hope they can fix this, as the program looks really promising.


  2. It only happened to me when opening a video in its own window, but it’s still annoying. Hopefully it will be fixed soon

  3. Stage6 is a joke. A short while back they introduced their new Beta version to the whole world without Beta testing. What a mess. Nothing but problems. You can’t upload. Trying to upload either has an internal error or it just time out. You can’t download. Constant interruptions and downloads will not pick up where they left off. Streaming videos is slower then a snail, most of the times it stalls and won’t even play you have to restart the video. I am in total amazement a “so-called” professional company would go about introducing their upgrades in this fashion. Stage6 gets mine countless other people I know a two thumbs down.

  4. Stage 6 pwns. I guess Youtube will still be used for all the nonsense it’s famous for, but for movies and series and other tv stuff you want proper quality. Stage 6 delivers. Also, the DivX streaming codec supports Theatre mode. For the better UGT (User Generated Thievery) check out

  5. Stage 6 is good but uploading can be a major pain in the ass if it says file exist on the server and gang chains streaming can be fast i f you set your preferences to no post processing and I like watching movies tv shows and others for free thanks to

  6. Has anyone else tried to TV-out the Stage6 player to their TV??

    ALL players (DivX, Real, Windows Media Player, Flash) play videos properly on TV when you connect your PC to a TV, but for some F***ing retarded reason, once I switch my display to TV and play ANYTHING in the Stage6 player it goes all black!!
    What’s the deal? Is this some sort of lame copy protection or is the codec incompatible with that mode?

  7. It wont let me download. when i click the icon to download it says page can not be found, but it had been working well before

  8. Well, for me stage6 doesn’t ‘stream’ anything… the player doesn’t buffer and instead waits till the whole thing is dl’d before playing (I can manually start it, but unless I have all of the file, playback will stall until the dl catches up).. I’ve checked my setting and that’s not the prob and my bandwidth is fine,

    Kinda sucks.

  9. stage 6 always say “ERROR” “the file already exist” when i want to upload but i really want to upload , so HELP ME PLEASEE i don’t understand WHY

  10. divx stage6 sucks major dick. they delete everything thts good and leave shit in other languages. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT OTHER LANGUAGES! WE WANT ENGLISH DAMN RETARDS!

  11. Stage 6 sucks like Pam Anderson on a fresh tommy lee
    Who authorizes software like that to be released on the web? I would rather have a virus on my computer, at least the virus will work like it is supposed to. I never thought I would find a media player worst than Windows media player but then again I never thought I would get a threesome with two hot chicks!

  12. yeah, stage 6 is total shit! horrible fucking player. just like above posters, it never streams anything. its an entirely useless system and it makes me want to rape the programmers that made this bile!

  13. sucks now no good content and really just shit Stage 6 is getting better with the updates and it can stream if you live in the US. You will get a better connection 4 MB line can go faster then a 10 MB if you live in the US and I’m sick of those bastards deleting episodes they better not delete my episodes again lol.

  14. It’s definitely a challenge for them. I think they could help to overcome it by trying to sell DivX video ads on some of the larger sites, but ultimately, if the content isn’t compelling enough, people won’t take the time to download the web player anyway. The good news for them, is that there is a lot of DivX content out there and sooner or later people do find things that they really want to see. I think this issue also impacts people’s willingness to link to their content. Idolator linked to a great video on Stage6 today, but replaced it with a YouTube video once someone uploaded it there instead. This isn’t an easy challenge to overcome, but the longer they are around, the easier this will get. If enough people end up downloading their software, then this problem will eventually go away. In the meantime, web users have to deal with the install, if they want the higher quality.

  15. My tv don’t reproduce Satge 6 movies. Is’ connected through a DVI. Everything is mirrored perfectly (even Stage 6 Dvix site), esxcept that when the movie starts in the computer, it won’t reproduce on the TV, showing just a black image.
    Can you help me?


  16. I also have playback problems when watching stage 6 movies or the ones from joox on my TV. My solution – download a movie and play it using windows media player. It is a pain but at least it does the trick. good luck!

  17. Stage6 I used 2 b able 2 view my videos
    Constantly crashing my browser. IE7 W-xp
    firefox…have been to their tech and everywhere on here
    trying to NO AVAIL
    Please help me out ..NEED SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS

  18. I love the site. i would rather watch a good quality video where i can see the face when some shit goes down in the movie. then to watch some shitty pixelated video on youtube. i think the only good thing about youtube is that it has every thing unlike stage6. i’ve conected my laptop to my tv using dvi cable and watched a divx movie. i never had any problems. the only time my browser crashed was when i was running 4 tabbed browsers all running divx videos at the same time. other then that

  19. I personally don’t think this as a hindrance. It’s not like it’ll kill you to download such a thing and be able to watch high quality videos, than having to live with the horrible qualities that youtube, and the like, have.

  20. try clone the view not dual and download replay media catcher than you can see and download i think

  21. divx web player comes with divx ..jsut like flash player same thing if u hate divx dont instazll any divx if u dont no about it bye

  22. It’s a bigger pain in the ass to actually upload anything. The file has to be encoded with a special divx codec and even then there are many problems during the transition.

  23. i loved their high quality videos. I prefer them over most of the other video networks like you tube, dailymotion, and veoh. The other sites have a horrible quality of video and it makes me mad. i liked the feature for the divx videos on where it fades the rest of the screen as u watch it, but not many videos are encoded with divx.

  24. The last couple update from Microsoft closed the ports used by the DIVX player. Untill DIVX understands the problem and gives us a fix just turn off your firewall and download the DIVX movie (only takes about 20 mins to download) save it and watch with firewall turned on….or just download the AVI file.

  25. DIVX videos are so much more crisp and clear to look at. I do not care about all the techno-babble. I want to watch quality. Flash videos are low quality. I have seen some HD flash videos which look pretty good, but DIVX videos are the best quality.
    Thanks James

  26. divx web player just sucks same on all webpages it the player most times if it says buffering at 0 well go to divx temp folder and watch with vlc but never use with safari is wish some one would white new programs for web sites so we would not have to use this sorry ass player divx you suck and don’t forget to go to helllll

  27. DivX webplayer sucks balls. I go to watch a movie and it just sits and buffers at 0% for a long time. It takes an hour to move if it ever does. I have a fast internet connection too and DivX offers could quality. Quality doesn’t mean anything when you have to wait weeks to watch a movie. Every site hosting streaming DivX movies sucks now. They all buffer forever or the there is so BS error and the file can;t be found nor uploaded. It’s annoying as hell and I am through with DivX and it’s terrible service.

  28. There was a lot of interesting feedback about the DivX Web Player both positive & negative, but since Stage 6 we have made an incredible investment into the players improvement and I would like invite you to try out the new DivX Plus Web Player, which is the first player to bring MKV to the web browser.

    • Support for DivX Plus video (H.264 video with AAC audio in an MKV container)

    • 5.1 channel surround sound audio

    • Dynamic seeking – skip ahead in a video you’re watching (site servers must support http 1.1 for this feature to work correctly)

    The Beta is available here and final release is scheduled for November. Thanks!

  29. Ummmmm I was just about to write how this is shit, same as everyone else and I kinda right clicked on the “0% buffering” and clicked play. Away it went….. Give it a try.

  30. after the “new update” approx 2-3 weeks ago the divx player just.fuckin.sux.

    just 1 out of 10 videos will stream till the end!
    wtf is this shit?!

    before the update i could open 10 divx streams at once without any problems. and now… not even 1 streams loads how its supposed to be.

    you fucked up big time divx BIG FUCKIN TIME!

  31. For me DivX has never worked very well. Actually, that’s too kind – it’s never WORKED, full stop. Extremely slow buffer rate … I have never managed to watch a full video using DivX – it takes about 60 seconds to load 10-15 seconds of any video!

    DivX sucks; always did before and still does. Seriously – do something about your player because aside Youku (which it is on par with, by the way), it is the worst video player out there!

    It’s a piece of crap that requires about 3 hours of pre-buffering any video file before it is watchable smoothly. Want to watch a video as it loads? Forget using DivX then, because that’s near enough impossible, even at faster broadband speeds! Die DivX, DIE!

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