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Streaming Video To Your 3G iPhoneSteve Jobs spent his day unveiling the new iPhone 2, or 3G iPhone to a packed audience at the WWDC. And over the weekend, Sling Media announced plans for a Sling Player on the iPhone – Coincidence?

The timing is surely not coincidental, but unfortunately the new SlingPlayer Mobile that was announced and demonstrated for the iPhone is only pre-alpha proof-of-concept software.

Not Available Yet

Until Apple officially accepts the company in to the developer program then that is how this piece of software will remain, in limbo, and not available to anyone but the geeks over at Engadget.

Video Demonstration Of iPhone SlingPlayer

If it ever does become official, then it would allow iPhone users to watch streaming TV on their devices. Something which OrbLive already manages.

How this works is by the software communicating via a Wi-fi network to a Sling Player box attached to a cable box in your front room.

Taking Mobile Video To The Mainstream

This could mean you being able to watch your Tivo or Sky Plus via your newly cheaper and more feature packed iPhone on the toilet, if that is your thing of course.

We already know how popular mobile video is becoming, and an easy to use piece of kit such as this, coupled with a universally bought device such as the Apple iPhone, could take it to the next level of mainstream acceptance.

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